So what's up guys?


Hey, lake here, your friendly neighborhood forum director.

Let’s cut to the chase; this forum is dying. We all know it and see it. I’m still dedicated to this forum, but it seems almost impossible with the lack of morale and the lack of owner presence here.

Seriously, any ideas you have to keep this shindig kickin’, I’d love to hear it. Are we still liking discourse, or has opinion changed to wanting xenforo/something else? My thinking is that since xenforo is more common people that stumble to the site would be more likely to sign up. Just a thought.

I love this site and I’ve been here for awhile now, and been staff for awhile. I want this site to work, regardless of who thinks it can’t. I just need ideas.




You need a big recruitment drive. If you have 2-3 committed people to do it, go shill for YD on FB or other forums.


thing is, I doubt people will do that for free, and without shaz around, we are penniless. I guess that’s the biggest problem.


you could make a sad kickstarter video


I feel like a simplification of the layout would work flawlessly, a change to Xenforo would certainly help. If only we could spring on those fancy debate plugins that I’ve seen other sites with rather than just a forum.


What plugins do you mean?


Without shaz the necessary changes in code to the site are not possible, unless he has given you access to the necessary interfaces to implement said changes? Facebook literally forces you to pay to have people who LIKED YOUR PAGE and FOLLOWED you to see your post’s. YD has thousands of likes on facebook yet its posts might get 5 comments average? And that was when we operated it.

Youtube is likely our only option for spreading awareness as its content system drives people towards high quality stuff and stuff that people share.


It needs money, simple as.


I think a move back to the old xenforo format would be great. Use the forum archives as a template (Maybe hire @Allegrif for the job ;))

Mass email to all former users. Should catch some people’s attention.

Some sort of posting competition like what we had a few years ago (cash prize). Would make for a good headline for the mass email :smiley:

Re-instate premium ranks. Seriously, why were they removed in the first place?

Advertise on FB. Newfags, even if they only post 100 times and then leave, are integral to keeping things fresh. The old guard need people to bully

Contact the RP old guard - try to reactivate Senate 1.0. I still have a lot of people added on FB from the old days, but the forum would need a dedicated RP section (therefore, we need xenforo)


I propose a heavy influx of new people somehow (perhaps contact people in your own community irl), and with that influx, a whole slew of new topics being created (and revivals of old ones).

Like literally, there are so many damn things to debate, and don’t be afraid to bring simple stuff up for debate.

We’ve got politics, history, economics, culture, religion, philosophy etc. etc.

There should basically be no way to run out of ideas to debate.

Additionally, I propose that people should post their own personal ideas and proposals about the world and universe onto this forum, not just pre-existing concepts and topics.

Feel my drift?


I’m around, just very very busy. I like this idea, we should debate more than just politics. Maybe politics gets it’s own section and we open it up to other things.

I am happy to put some funds into marketing but it takes up a lot of my time at the current moment.


We’ve had a social media manager in the past and have one or more members willing to do it again, we just need the funding from your end


It didn’t lead to much success from what I remember. But feel free to ping me directly to chat about this.


A service like postloop is quite effective at getting post counts up.


lake and chrome should go on fiverr and do bellydancing for fundraising

if the indians can do it so can you


i’ll make anti semitic remarks for youtubers and set in motion the death of an entire platform!


Was going to offer a URSAY merger, but you guys would expect that BS from me, so I will suggest another idea. I think you need to relaunch the site. If I recall, you used to be a forum AND you used to host articles. I think this site doesn’t have enough users for an active forum anymore, but you have more than enough to contribute to a news website, of sorts. We did this with URSAY. The forum was dead on arrival from when Alexander Firth and I built it, so when he left the project, I removed it, and I made URSAY a user-driven news and opinion blog, and that has been successful for us. More so, as we have content now. I would say you remake the website and get rid of the forum. Make a sign up sheet, get some writers, and relaunch around that. I think that would do Youth Debates the world of good.

The URSAY merger can still be a thing, like. We’d have to close a website, and the URSAY team or the YD team would have to become one, but it could work…no it wouldn’t, stick to my serious plan…or are both serious?


I’d be happy to invest money in YD too, if you need the cash.


Curious what @flavia and @Ricky have to say