So wheres peter parka

the king of the cunts made his last post on the 3rd…its now the 8th

dunno i thought i saw him hanging around like day before last

awe… i always miss my peter

:24: bwa-hahaha! that sounds so wrong…! :ninja

WOW… That did sound wrong. :frowning: lol

i gots an eye for those little things lol :willy_nilly::24:

…yeah that is odd eh…i wonder what hes up to…if hes gone long i’ll give him a ring.

i bet that’ll sound good…a cockney and a scouser:24:

he sounds more scouse then cockney hahahahahahaa

he’s going to love you:D

Here he is, and this is what he thinks of this thread lol

I hope everything is ok with him!


Where Are Ya?

Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are

I really don’t care so I’ll refrain from posting… ah crap… too late :wink:

hey wernt you moaning the other day about people doing this to you?

Consitency buddy consitency

Twas only in jest

Peter come back! We miss you!



still no peter?