I haven’t had any call backs about jobs, except my dad. lol

Kathy called and said they’re backed up and if I could work monday to catch them up with a certain big job she’d be grateful. So I get a temp week working for my dad again and a decent 40 hour paycheck on top of it. Best part is my dad pays weekly.


nice of your family

best of luck to ya man :rock


Why can’t you work for your dad full-time?


He doesn’t have a position available until John retires at the first of the year.

…and I already did for two years.


well playa u might want to fill in till that position is open permanantly


Re: RE: So…

??? There is no permanent 6 month position… this is just so that they can get this specific job done without having to put off other work orders that also need to be done.


I C well ther is always burger king


no more food jobs.


thats good. Im glad to see that you and your dad are still getting along good.


He let me tear apart a wire reel in the back of the office. He told me to take all the wire on there and go sell it at Sturgis recycling. I netted 84 and some change for 1.5 hours of work.

Plus I got to get a LOT of aggression out while beating the hell out of that wooden reel with a hammer.


you got two new ones