Social Awkwardness


I’m stuck in a bit of a difficult position at the moment. I understand there are many people whom are socially awkward, it’s just natural.

But it’s a bit of an issue when I’m trying to gain influence and practicing being a some kind of public figure. I find myself feeling proud when I achieve things but absolutely despising when people refer to me by any kind of title or compliment me.

What can I do to take compliments better?


get fucking good


Thanks for your infinite help.


Depends. If you want people to like you for some sort of reason (public figure as you mentioned) you’re best off downplaying the compliment to some extent and giving someone else praise. It sounds better, some people might tell you to say “Yeah I know” but nobody genuinely is going to like you then.


Don’t be a humblebrag shit ggnore


Ignore him. He has no experience and is probably not much use socially judging by his reply.


Really, I think that taking compliments is just something that you learn to get used to as time goes on and you gain more confidence with who you are and what you’re doing. It’s a bit like a fake it until you make it kinda deal. As someone who wants to gain influence and be a public figure, you need to make sure that people know that you are aware of your own worth, without coming off as conceited. The best way to take a compliment is to keep things very simple. Just saying ‘Thank you very much’, ‘Thank you, I appreciate that.’, or ‘Thank you, I’ve spent a lot of time working on this recently, so I’m really glad you like it.’ always works really well. It is important that you don’t reject or downplay what other people say to you, because people want to know that you appreciate their opinion and frankly, it is so difficult to try and deal with people who constantly downplay themselves and their abilities.


oh god you were serious


Of course I was serious. It’s really good advice.


People will like up better if you humbly accept compliments. Just don’t be an arrogant prick and you should be good.

A simple “thanks” is enough, don’t feel like you have to compliment the other person back.

Also fake it till you make it is indeed good advice.


Ok real talk.

Start working out, get a good diet, get relatively strong. Your posture will improve. You’ll naturally feel much more confident and you feel like you deserve the compliments.

It sounds weird but anyone who has gone from scrawny or fat to fit will agree. It’s a huge personality booster in itself.


I’m in that myself. I often just find it better to ignore it, or at least not make a big deal out of it. I like some compliments, but the majority of the time I don’t. With what you achieved should be enough.

Just don’t be a prick to people who really doesn’t deserve it, because that never ends well.