How dense are you? Are you not even aware of the violent suppression of labor in the US during the Gilded age, or anti-union, and both attempts by the US and the UK to limit union power and workers’ ability to strike?


Are we not talking about the current state of matters? The Gilded age was one hundred years ago pal. Get real and stop dreaming.


Things haven’t changed too terribly much.


This is where I disagree entirely. To say modern America is the same as one hundred years ago is insane and clearly shows you have no direct link to reality. Go outside, get a job, do something productive and your Socialist phase will wear off.


Slow your ad hominem buddy


Did you not read the statement he made? This is a debate forum yes, however to have debate we need grounded individuals who can speak on topics in reality. He clearly has made it evident that he doesn’t accept the evident truth of reality. He, in other posts, made some decent arguments, however that things haven’t changed in the US over the course of one hundred years is discrediting.


I didn’t say it was the same, I said many issues from 100 years ago still face the US today.

Okay bud.


If everyone accepted “the evident truth of reality,” then there would be very few disagreements. People are raised under different circumstances, have and arrive at differing values and conclusions. These conclusions we draw are inherently biased, and debate allows us to better arrive at “the evident truth of reality.”