What do you all think about the Solstice? I think It looks really good. I dont like it when you see it directly in the front, remind me of a hammerhead shark. But otherwise great looking car. Good interior. Not the fastest thing though. 177HP stock. Mods fix that though. i wouldn’t get one myself though. Next car I get will be a Porsche Cayman. New model porsche is releasing later this year, it’s fuggin tight. I won’t get one for a couple years. But anyways, I am thinking about this because my g/f will be getting a new car in like a year or so. So I think it would be cool for her to get something like that. Also, the new Saturn sky looks awesome too. Imagine that, a saturn you would want to be seen in. Also thinking about the 350z. An import, but I think they are great non-riced. I love the Solstice though…


Dood(drunk as fuck right noe :smiley: :banana :booze ) what in gods name is a solstice???


The Pontiac Solstice. Its not out yet, coming out real soon. Months I think. Go on and check it out.


eh make a linky for me and i might check it out :smiley:


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Hmm, I’m not so much expirienced at making links. Never tried actually… Hmm…A whole new world…

Since I am “linkly challeneged” you will have to place the cursor in the search dealy, type, and you will be at the site. On the left side you have a list of vehicles. At the bottom of the list is one that says vehicles coming soon. Go to that and select Solstice. Will open in new window. Then you observe sexah car.


Godamnit mrwatts k check this out first www. then pontiac then .com which make kinda like :lol you are no longer linkly challenged. :banana


the solstice kinda looks like an s2000 in my opinion. good looking though.


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Fuggin tight. Well I used to think thats how you do it, but at some forums that doesnt work. You have to put <a href=…and a bunch of other bs I dont even remember now. I had forgotten, didnt know this forum was diffrent. I have been enlightened. Now that I have gained knowledge, I feel heavier…I will have to lose some other memories…Lets forget that I didnt know how to make a link :smiley:


Fug that, quit your gay ass job and lets go party. linking is a way of life. never forget my son. :smiley: