Solution to the gun problem


My lord, 1) that’s a terrible idea, blow up a oil pipeline, whatever retarded O6 was in-charge of that op must be literally a retard 2) Nothing happened.


Cultural norms can change in a generation, especially if people feel like their security is in danger


A common thing to see is that the US Army and all is that it is really falling to the right, the Constitutional right that is; the new generation of soldiers aren’t people who want to shoot their fellow citizens, they are soldiers who want to ensure Americans are put first and all. The majority of active duty and reserve soldiers are not willing to murder fellow Americans so that some guy from California or New York can take guns away, it just won’t happen in the next generation. Maybe in the generation after that, sure, however we have no way to see twenty years into the future.


Indeed, and thus, one should not be too optimistic in terms of policy


I’ll still say the US military is most likely to splinter in the event of a “civil war” which removing a Constitutional Right would lead to.


Are you sure about that?


Yea, I’m pretty sure. The bonus army didn’t have anything to do with the Constitution. You’re tip toeing around my point, my point is that in the event that the government restricts constitutional rights that would lead to full armed assaults on American citizens, then the Army would splinter. In the current state the Army is, from my observations, nearly every single NCO, private and a majority of the Officers would not follow unconstitutional orders. I don’t see what you guys don’t understand. I have taken the oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and I am explicitly reminded that you cannot follow unconstitutional orders.


I’m not saying you’re wrong. In fact, you’re probably right. I’m just a bit more skeptical; we shouldn’t discount the possibility, even if it is an unlikely one


Well the best way to avoid the situation is to arm yourself, if you really are a skeptic.


I plan on it


Me too.