Some interesting car pics


from forums -
heres the thread link

the pic that caught my eye…


wow… very nice


dayum! I’d actually drive that :banana


that ford focus is insane!




i knew someone was gonna make that comment, just wasnt sure who :smiley:


WOW thats nice ( and who even noticed the ford focus ) :lol :lol :lol


i think that vette looks like shit with that body kit on it. but thats my opinion…


yeah i dont love the body kit either, but that huge metal chrominess makes it all go away :smiley:

j/k, but yeah, the front is bad not horrible - i hate the back though, if you look in the thread… not as bad as some ive seen thugh :slight_smile:


I’m not it’s biggest fan. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong… but the body kit… eh. :dunno


i wasnt really looking at the ground effects as much as whats sticking out of the HOOD :lol :lol


the needs a new spoiler or for 2000si a wing j/k


:lol :lol :lol


I already have a spoiler. No need for a cheesy POS. :smiley:


thats not supercharged at all…

thats [size=7]superglued[/size]


Really now do tell :dunno :dunno


well, see the thing is…

its an four-wheeler atv thingy…
cuz hes putting in regular gas (octane 87)
and hes also parked next to the focus, which he knows will win if he drags on the street/track/wherever
the kit just doesnt work… if he had that year of car, he would realize he had a better looking exterior…
and those rims dont fit the color of the car…
looking through the windows - wheres the roll bars?
there is no other markings at all on the atv body kit except the flag emblem on the hood…its a shitilay imitation
two of those intake things under the whatchamacallit?
its about to rain… if it was about to rain, who would drive it???

so its gotta be an atv

:rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah :funnah :rofl :rofl :rofl :funnah :funnah


well im seeing a blower and 2 carbs on there so to me i see fast …and id drive it so i could see how fast it would go so you can sit there and ( make wise cracks ) are get in the passenger seat and ride with me :lol :lol :fu :fu


as long as i get to hold the unplugged battery in my lap…

or… nvm



What the one out of your dead Pony :lol :lol :lol