Some kind of animal in my closet


So I was just in my room playing Fire Pro Wrestling when I started hearing some kind of animal noises, First I think there’s a cat fight going on outside or something, but when I pause the game and listen It’s clearly coming from inside my closet, the furnace is in there and animals can get in from under the house in the closet, I don’t know WTF kind of animal this was, it was no cat, it was making a squeaking noise that was WAY too loud to be a mouse, I stand by the door and listen for a second, then I go to the kitchen to fetch a broom incase it’s some rabid ass Racoon or Possum, but when I opened the door it had already gone back under the house, I don’t know WTF this thing was, and now I’m fucking paranoid, I’m waiting here with a broom stick for that little fucker to come back


racoon? rat? lol


Broom, hell! Get A Gun!


aint got a gun, this sounded WAY too big to be a mouse or a rat, maybe a racoon, maybe a Possum, I don’t know, a broom stick is about the only long weapon I’ve got to fend it off with if it is a Racoon.


open all the doors then open the closet and make room for whatever to leave.


Maybe take the broom and go into the closet and make a lot of banging noises. That might just scare the animal away.

… or it could just piss it off and then it could get ugly. Just sayin’…


whatever it was retreated to under the house, and there is no WAY I’m going under there in pitch black looking for the thing, I’m waiting for it to resurface and I’m gonna try to chase it out through my garage, and hope it doesn’t find it’s way back to my room.


lol, false alarm guys, it was a kitten.


A kitten? Is it yours?


nope, just a kitten that found it’s way under my house, I can’t get it to come out though.


Well… good luck with that.


and I’ll need it too for so fierce a beast, a broomstick may not be enough to handle this one…




geezus…good thing you found out now…imagine if the Animal Cops show tv showed up…you would have been embarrassed


lol, give me a break man, I’ve been up all night, it was fucking 4 in the morning and that son of a bitch was LOUD, didn’t sound like a kitten at all.


:24: lmao…hahahahahhaa!!!


Based on the state of your room the last time you post something about it, I’m guess it could be a million different things :wink:


Was it a scary monster kitten?


Lol, that’s hilarious. Scared of a kitten mate!

Just to be clear:



[quote=“Necro Mortis, post: 1079355”]Lol, that’s hilarious. Scared of a kitten mate!

Just to be clear:


Ferocious. :willy_nilly: