Some pictures of my own

Not as good as Guyzers but hey, I’m not a professional :stuck_out_tongue:

From Chester Zoo a couple of years ago

Elephant Pictures

Some Penguins, not sure what the first creature is. (Doing this in seperate posts so one post isn’t overloaded with pics

Couple more

i want a giraffe

if you could have one, where would you keep it? :stuck_out_tongue:

iunno… in a tower?

:smiley: how would you get it in out out through the door?

I’ve always wanted a ferret for a pet

make it duck…

[quote=“Laurs, post: 1087924”]Not as good as Guyzers but hey, I’m not a professional :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a profession either. I just take lots of pictures and have been doing so for years. The more you shoot the better you’ll get. You are off to a good start. :clap

You have a giraffe but if it isn’t good enough I’ll give you one of mine. Here you go…

lol my friend has a hilarious pic of a giraffe… it put it face in the lens n licked its lips

How do you get so close? Does your camera have a good zoom? I’ve got a new camera, maybe I should go take some more pics and see if they are better then my last ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have some great zoom lens but I also cropped that picture. He’s quite a bit farther away than it looks.

Regarding your new camera. Just take it with you where ever you go and shoot anything and everything. Practice makes perfect as they say.

Before you press the button just try and pay close attention to the composition. Try and frame only what you want to see. ie: No telephone poles coming out of a persons head etc.

One little tip that can work wonders. Just before you push the shoot button take a deep breath, exhale it and keep it that way. It helps to steady the camera and your pics will probably turn out quite a bit sharper. Then take the shot and hold the camera very steady for a couple of seconds after the shot is taken. Point and shoot type cameras have a shutter delay and sometimes the shot really hasn’t been captured when you think it has.

Nice pictures!

thanks :slight_smile:

i like the pics, thanks for sharing

reminds me of a tv show i saw last week about subliminal messages in satanic cults… the guy talking about them had a pair of bull horns on his head (really on the wall behind him lol):24:

Good pics!
This reminds me I need to get my kids to the zoo soon!

Nice pictures

you take pretty good pictures :slight_smile:

Very nice shots - you get rep now :slight_smile: