Some thinks it cool, some think its cruel

I found this video and it caused a major debate in my office. Some thought it was cruel and rediculous and some thought it was funny as hell. Either way, you have to see it.

Old Lady Gets Punched In The Head K.O. Video

i didn’t think it was cruel or funny. I really have no intake on it. Try saying “hi” first. :slight_smile:

I did post an introduction thread… Sorry if it offended you that you didnt see it

No you didn’t post in the introductions thread. Look at your post count, this is only your second post.

Posting video links like this is ok, but we would prefer that you introduce yourself so we can see who are members and who are spammers just looking to up the traffic on their sites. It’s the curtious thing to do when you join a forum.

just seems like angry people to me. nothing offensive about it.

Well that was a waste of 30 seconds of my time:confused

The old lady was a bitch, but that mom lost her temper and did something stupid. Had she just kept her cool she could have simply filed charges on the old lady.