someone else needs to play Minesweeper and do worse than I did…

So I can claim the trophy, of course. Why can’t I temporarily hold the trophy until someone else wins??? It’s kinda gay that I’m the only one who has won that game.


i dont have the slightest clue on how to play that game. i just click on the boxes until i lose.


It shows you the winner…but if you tell me how to play, I’d be happy to take the trophy from you! :lol


anopther game I suck at :dunno


I don’t even have the trophy for that game :frowning:

Apparently since I’m the only person with a score, I can’t get a trophy.


OH! and this is how you play Minesweeper:

Click on a box
Whatever # the box has in it is how many bombs it has attached to it.
You have to carefully select which boxes dont have bombs under them.
Hit the space bar when you roll your mouse over a box you think may have a bomb under it. I’m not too good at explaining it, so I’ll go play another game and get a screen print of it. You may be able to catch on by looking at the finished product.


OK, I take that back. I DID get a trophy for it! I tried to get a screen print of the game I just won, but it submitted my score too quickly. I’ll try again when I aint off my rocker and tired as hell.


Okay well now its time for me to take it from u :fu


Fah Q, Kiddo