Son of a BITCH!


I couldnt believe it!! I drove my car home from the shop Friday night and parked it. Everything was fine when I parked it. I went outside lastnight at about 7 or so to move it and when I started it it ran fine for about 30 seconds then all of a sudden it went CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK and just LOCKED THE FUCK UP!!! It sounded like a rod cap came off!!! I am sooo sick about it that I just dont know what to do. Ive got over $5000 invested and Im just so let down that Im ready to sell it. :dunno I dont Want to but Im so depressed right know that I just wanna cry every time I walk outside and have to pass it. I feel like a failure as a mechanic. The only thing that makes it even slightly acceptable is the fact that I didnt build the motor and I bought it second hand. So maybe (most likely) It wasnt anything that I did. I just hope it didnt punch a hole in the brand new Milodon pan. That would suck even more. I guess its back to the drawing board. I dont know :dunno I guess Im just still in shock. Feels like a stiff kick in teh nuts! My Stang>>>>><<<<<me


That does suck. Life has it’s ups and downs. :wtf


well thats better than getting kicked in the dick with golf cleats on


sorry boss! Things will get better.


damn bro, sorry to hear that… as bad as it sucks, its now time to go bigger :rock


welp hopefully no damage was done to other parts and it wont be too costly to fix


fuck that sucks, but at least it’s gotta be better to have it lock up at low rpm than when your redlining the mofo…less damage to other components.

good luck with that bro.


Don’t be hard on yourself. I good mechanic evaluates the situation in full before getting upset with his/her work. Chances are, it probably isn’t your fault. I feel for ya!


Sorry Boss Hun i know that hurts … but its not your fault remember that :tard :tard Go have a beer on me :booze


Thanks for the sympathy guys. Ive been depressed every since it happened. Feels like someone shot my dog. My wife says I was even having bad dreams that night. :lol Anyways, its back to the drawing board for me now. Im still gonna build anothe Cleveland but this time Im gonna do the WHOLE thing mahself starting with a 4 bolt main hard block and all of the BOSS parts I have. Im starting to get over the depressed part of it now I just hate to do it all over again.


Glad to hear you got your chin up BossMan. I have had something very similar happen to me, after an entire week-end of work on my engine, I started it up just to hear that I had to tear it down and do it all over again… But it was Sunday night and it was my only vehicle… That sucked.

Once again, sorry for the problems, but I’m glad you are starting to feel better. :smiley:


Been there too Tim. Its very disheartening. Ive slept on it tho and life will go on. :smiley:


Sorry about your trouble there Bossman. Am I reading right? You’re going to start back at square one?


Yeah Steed, Im goin back to square one. I only got to put about 20 miles on it at most before it locked up. Im not really surprised it happened, just surprised that it happened so soon. Anyways, Ive got enough to build a new motor except for heads and I can use the heads off of the motor thats in it untill I can get the BOSS heads built. I made sure when I started this project that if I didnt have anything else I would have PLENTY of spare parts. Ive got 2-4 bolt main hard blocks with all machine work complete on hold 2 different cams, solid roller and flat tappet solid lift. 3 cranks, 1 BOSS crank and 2 cast, 3 full sets of rods, 2 sets are BOSS, 2 sets of brand new .030 over forged flat top pistons, a couple of intakes, different carbs etc. etc… The parts are all there, Its just a matter of finding the drive to start over again. :dunno


Hay Boss i hope it works out for you :banana :banana


Wow. That’s brutal. Good on you for the positive attitude. I don’t keep up as much as I’d like to, but what was it in the shop for? Anything engine related?

That’s a nice list of parts you’ve got sitting on the bench too!! Don’t force yourself to jump right in if you can get by without it. The itch will return all by itself in a week or two. But if you make yourself now, you may end up just hateing the car.

Good luck on your build up!!! :cool


It was in the shop getting a new motor. :lol Go figure :tard Its really not my fault that the motor shit the bed, but I should have known better than to buy a motor that someone else had built and ran. :dunno Ive never had any luck with a motor that has been built by someone else. I have had troubles with my own motors before but I always knew what could happen when I ran them because I put them togetheer with my own hands. Im with you on the part about waiting on it. Its going back into storage for a month or two untill I get that funnah feeling again and cant wait to finish it.


Is that your opinion? That’s nice. I have a lot of friends on the Internet. Do you still have troubles with his or her own motors before but he or she always knew what could happen when he or she ran them because he or she put them togetheer with his or her own hands ? Do you mean you work at you on the part about waiting on it?


HI Alice!!! Nice to see youre up and running! :lol


Thank you for your kindness.