Son of a


So I filled my tank up on Monday after work. As I was on my way to work today…

Pop! there’s my CEL again… son of a… So I get to work thismorning, pop the door and look down…


I left the fucker on the concrete step at BP on monday. So after work I drop by and ask if they found a cap, she says nope… and it’s not on the step. Someone fucking stole the cap???

Christ. So I was talking to my neighbor, he says he can get me a cap from his mechanic friend. Hopefully I can get one that fits to turn off that damn CEL. I hate OBD2.


hahah…stupid ricer…lol j/k hahaha


haha shutup! I had way too much shit on my mind on monday. I think i was still somewhat pissed off about signing for my shit for hours.


lol…just remember it always work out in the end and your troubles will vanish once you go to american vehicles


Yeah… but then I’d have troubles of a whole new kind. Engine problems.

No thanks.


u fugger


haha pwnt


in your dreams ands its the trannies more than the engines


lol either way

my car = zero major mechanical problems, and if you note my mileage… I’m 5k over the 60k tuneup.

knocks on wood


nice…just giving you a hard time


I know. It’s what Bacon does best, except taste really good on my pizza sub I devoured 4 hours ago.


their was a lil :gay in your last post



Wasn’t trying to be funny… Just reminiscing over my sammich. mmmmmm


hahaha…theres nothing funny about your :gay


Hey you’re the one thinking there is some sort of homosexual undertone going on here, perhaps you should step on outta that closet? :dunno


don’t try to push your ways on me


dude, just go to walmart… they have everything (im refering to the honda civic parked in walmarts parking lot, take theirs) :fu

Speaking of gas… Nelsonville, ohio had the cheapest gas prices in the nation today of 1.78… thats about 10 min from campus… to bad i didnt waste my gas to drive theirs and afill up


Mmmmmm… sammich.


Re: RE: son of a…

Yeah, I’m sensing a bit of :gay too.


lol 2000 :owned