Dude why bother being a bitch

Ok serioisly ban this guy



u clicked this persons sig link

i did…i want her number

yea either give us the pics or stop spamming lol

What’s missing? I don’t get this thread yet. :willy_nilly:


new guy made a few post but his sig had a link of a naked girl. bascially spam and new guy posted in everythread. my guess is he is banned cause i cant see any of his posts anymore

Thankx, Fuzzwifers…

… now I can sleep tonight. lol

I’ve seen hotter. :thumbdown


Awww man! I didn’t even see this topic last night! UGH I’m disappointed in myself now!

im having trouble understanding the thread bitching about the bitch… :ninja


… and apparently everywhere the poster posted has a comment made by ConTRo13R! :24:

And the link! :smiley: