Im not a big fan of SouthPark but I watched it the other night for the 1st time in a long time. There was an episode with “Butters” character in it. I didnt care for it too much. “Butters” was way too corny. :tard


Butters Stotch. BAHAHAHA! He’s one of the best characters! I love him.


how can you not like Butters, much less the whole show. i need to get my own cable box so i can watch what i want. my lil bitch roommates(2 of 'em anyway) act like they own the whole apt…i should slap 'em around a few times. it is MY freekin tv theyre watchin cable on. oh well.

i wanna get the South Park seasons on dvd…what season is starting this week ?? i forget. i know Simpson’s are on their what, 15th or 16th…


never miss a show :smiley: