Spare Room Tax?


So, in the UK we have a thing called the “Bedroom Tax”. If you live in a council house/are a housing association tenant, have a spare room, and receive housing benefit, you can receive less housing benefit for having a spare room. It may be a way for the government to disincentivise people living in council houses too big for them, which may build more houses.

Therefore, should you pay more tax if you have a spare bedroom and own your own home? It could be income tax/council tax, and a way for the government to raise funds to build more houses, and may encourage people to let out their spare room.


You can argue for your own country to/to not introduce this.


People buy their own home so they don’t have to live with others.


Apart from all of those people who buy homes as an investment, or to rent.


This has nothing to do with your post.

People who let are renting to people who pay to live on their own.

People who use houses as investments are either leaving them totally empty hence having totally spare rooms or fixing them up and making them uninhabitable for the duration.

So we’re down to what, 0.01% of housing stock this is applied to?


Empty house tax. A spare room tax would further discourage people from owning homes, the exact opposite we currently need.


So the idea is to create a new tax on home owners for having houses too big for their families? Plenty of people purchase homes with the intent of filling them, and I see this disproportionally affecting younger workers.

Forcing people to downsize won’t make new homes and won’t make housing cheaper.

If the gov wants to increase funds just raise VAT. It’s a lot less harmful.


both ideas are BS if u ask me - those in council have little choice in what accommodation they get, and if u own a private home why fuck should you have to rent a room out to some random stranger