Speaking of the NHL


The preseason starts on the 17th!

HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to tune in to catch the first game of the Avalanche.

I been playing NHL Hitz 2003 in a season as the Colorado Avalance, and thus far the only game I have lost was the one I hit the wrong button while on the calender and it simulated it.

Other than that, I’m 14:1 for the season and I’m in first place. :smiley:

I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado, and now when I do I’ll be hitting up a home game.

I can’t wait for Hockey to start.


I’m not into sports, but if I was Hockey would probly be it.


bwuahahahah Sorry Vs for post whoring in the nonexistant mod room.

Bacon… Here’s the standings for the 03-04 Season before the strike.


6 x - NEW JERSEY 82 43 25 12 2 100 213 164 22-13-5-1 21-12-7-1 6-3-1-0

4 x - COLORADO 82 40 22 13 7 100 236 198 19-14-6-2 21-8-7-5 2-5-1-2

Looks to me as Colorado and NJ are Pretty evenly matched, IMO. I think the game on December 9th will be a VERY good game. Even though, we both know Colorado was just 8 games out of first placing FOURTH in the Western Conference. :smiley:

Of course Colorado doesn’t have Forsberg or Roy anymore. Who’s New Jersey lost since the 03-04 season?

I’ll kindly make a token wager once the pre season gets started so I can see where the AVs will stand through the regular season.


NJ lost niedermyer and stevens there 2 top deffensemen…but they still have a solid core of players


and the avs post a win on the first game of the preseason, 4-2 over the stars!!!


thats not a tough win :dunno


Dallas is a great team, and it’s still a win.


bah, detroit beat em.

Detroit and Colorado are both 1-1-0 for the preseason.