no not the drug :banana

how fast have you gone on asphalt? :gears :gears :gears

not the dragstrip or the racetrack?


not to fast. maybe over 100 MPH on the turn pike. :dunno


300 km/h

on a r/c car about 150km/h


i did 120 in my full show Honda Civic on my way to a car show…was running late :smiley:


137…i had a little more to go also…

3.73 gears :tard


140mph - let off, was speeding up faster and faster. Prolly coulda hit 180 before I hit the rev limiter. No need to go that fast, just being stupid.


yall are some fast mofos :booze


but do you have the skills


Re: RE: speed

you should see some off joes vids at the track.



I hit about 125 last week out on TX Hwy 190 coming back from Ft. Hood. That was the fastest I had ever driven the Durango, but then again, Hwy 190 is so desolate and straight, and the cops are scarce at 10PM at night.


135 with more go


120… and thats all for me!


Maybe i should hit the PA turn pike or I-95 again and see how fast i can get. cars on them fly. especially the bikes.

probally not a good idea. we’ll see tho.


I was in a Barracuda The one with the tear drop back window. What year is that any way, anybody know?
We made a run across Alligator Alley. From West Palm Beach to Naples Fla. His Tach read just under 4,000 rpm when we pegged the speedometer at 120 mprh. We ran it up to 6,000 rpm for about 30 or 40 seconds. So I figure we hit maybe 160 to 170. He had stock rear gears.
maybe like 3:73 or someting like that.


125…I’m a pussy


128 - 5th gear wouldn’t gain anymore. Did it the day I brought the Si home.


ive only went 120 inmy moms intrepid agh i gotta get a car of my own


90 in 55…


up by the farms on the flat roads by the lake- 120 in a 55. funny thing is, the enxt day i got pulled over for 45 in the 55 cuz a cop was tailgating me and i didnt want to do anything wrong (seeing as my car draws attention) and thats when i got ym 2nd tint ticket and had to go to court lol