Spent some hard earned tokens


I was working so hard at being number one in tokens, that I decided to treat myself to something nice. What did I get for myself you may ask… Well I wasn’t selfish, I bought a few of my good friends some well earned titles… Three people in fact. Now can you spot the new titles? If it wasn’t you that I treated this time, don’t worry, I’ll get to you sooner or later, I still have 3400 tokens to spend.



Hrrmmmmm, lets see now. Looks like Booze is now Tims bitch and stang mang is the official site drunk. Looks like V has had some work done to her title but not sure. :smiley:


Wow…let me guess???


Oh WOW! not me?!?!?!? :dunno


HAHA!!! You were one of the first peeps I checked! :lol


dont forget jan- official post whore :lol


Thats the one I missed! :smiley:


True dat!!!

<---------------extremely hurt!


Thanks Blue I LOVE YOU too heheh :lol :lol


[butthead]huhhuhhuh T’s a post whore.[/butthead] :funnah :funnah :rofl


[bevis] “YA YA POST WHORE…POST WHORE” [bevis]


I just saw my tag Thank You Boss heheheheheh… rememeber i been missing in action since the laptop got zapped :dunno :dunno


ah, STFU…you are loved!


:funnah Yeah, and you still have more posts that anyone else.


I miss Beavis and Butthead.



you know you love me :banana :banana


Sorry I was away, I was racking up more tokens to hand out a few more titles. I think I have a good one for greg, but I’m not sure about it… He’s a hard one to shop for… It has to be just right.


lol funny titles!! LOL… All are so true!! :slight_smile:


Thanks Veronica i love you Too :lol :lol heheheheh


You know I do T! :spank