Sport fans


I was running the idea by Joe and would like to know who would be intereseted in a sports section…a place to go talk about any sport related topic you can think of.


raises hand :rock


we’ll see where this goes :rock


is bowling a sport?

hehe j/k, i dont really follow much sports though. im sure most other people here would enjoy that kind of place though. could be a violent section though :smiley:


well I’m a pretty big sprts fan…I’m into anything from fishing and hunting to hockey and wrestling…real wrestling not the wwe crap but I guess that would fit in the section as well


During football season…


well football is coming up soon…even if you play a sport you can post some pics of you whooping ass in competition…like I have a lot of pics of me playing hockey


only if the spelling bee and scabble championships are counted as a sport :rock


Re: RE: sport fans

Hey! That’s real! :think


I gotta have some place to talk about how the Dodgers just destroyed the White Sox. :smiley:


exactly so vote yes if you like the idean and ill go there no if you wouldn’t


no for me… But I may post in there-- not sure.


Friggin great idea bacon. : :smiley:

I’ve seen sports threads on different bbs. They can get pretty heated. Especially when the Baseball playoffs come around.
Is NASCAR sports? How about the NHRA or NOPI?


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Your word scabble is not in the dictionary. you lose a turn. :rofl


Re: RE: sport fans

Your word scabble is not in the dictionary. you lose a turn. :rofl[/quote]



but yeah it would be open to any sport topic…


I think the sports idea is a good idea for you guys!! We should do it. :slight_smile:


well then thats up to you and joe


I know… LOL… :slight_smile:

Ill let him know it is in high demand!


ok then…just don’t forget the mastermind behind it…lol