as my sig has been saying this week, im getting new shocks/struts soon. i am not upgrading the springs yet, since im trying to do things piece by piece. , and my focus is more on ride comfort than handling.
so my question is, with these new parts (the shocks and struts in partcular) will the ride be improved very significantly? do springs help there? or will stock springs be ok with the bilsteins for an overall comfortable ride.

just trying to plan what im gonna do next. if i need sprins, maybe id go with them, but if they arent so necessary (im not interested in lowering) then ill get another bolt on or two (pulley/cai or something) and then start saving for the real stuff, like maybe one of the power packs or somehting - do the heads, or cam, or whatevr. :smiley: <— so far this is all wishful thinking but its nice to fantasize…



sure aftermarket shocks/struts would (depending of course on your choice in parts) would likely increase both comfort and handling, but I doubt the handling would be noticable. Most of the handling performance comes from the springs.


ok cool, thats all i need to know i guess - like i said, im interested more in comfort (not necessarily at the sacrifice of handling though ) so im happy for now then. its a daily driver, so i dont care if it cant cut corners like a road racer - you know?


Im with him, i just got suspension work done in my stang but it will be raining all weekend. With only struts and shocks i dont think you will notice. But with more maybe. Unless you do like tires to at the same time. It all depends on what kind of conditions. Like if you put suspenion on street tires went to the strip, wont tell much because you cant ututlize it.


like i said before, im more interested in improving the way it hanldes bumps in the road, rather than all out performance - at least for now