Spyware, Malware, Antivirus


what do you recommend?

i currently have:

lavasoft adawre se personal 1.05
spybot search and destroy
avg free edition

im still getting some spyware and these programs cannot remove it all. even after starting in safe mode and deleting files from the registry… i cant get rid of some of the infections. i recently got 2 trojans- a backdoor that i cant find any removal info on google, and another small trojan.

i no longer download music or talk on aim, so i shouldnt get more spyware, but what do you recommend for removal of what i have now?


try the one that microsoft offers… it’s on their homepage, and it works pretty well when used in conjuction with spybot


Blue you heard what happened to me last week ///// Mine crashed what ever took away the BOOT for windows and i had to put the new laptop in the shop it was that bad ////// I have the same spyware ( doc ) and Lavasoft and the newest windows security as well /////// but something cause that to happen … Now im scared to do anything except come on here ///// ( i got the crash when i was on EBAY ) it just shut down after id been looking at purses for like 115 pages ???


well i tried the microsoft offer and it found all the stuff i have that it took all the others o collectively find, but it costs 30 bucks- spyware bouncer. id love to get it for free. ill google it after work, i have to go now though…


let me know if i can get it too ???


nORTON Systemworks 2003 on all my cpus


Don’t you guys realize that it’s IE that’s letting in all this crap? Get rid or MS IE and get Firefox, I don’t have a firewall up, and I don’t have my antispyware running actively and I haven’t picked up anything in months, not since I started using Firefox. When I was using IE, I had at least 1 virus a week I had to hunt down and destroy.


So Tim how do you get rid of Explorier ???


You do not get rid of IE, just don’t use it any more. There are too many MS programs that use IE in the back ground and are dependant on it, just don’t browse the web with it any more. Install Firefox and set it as your default browser. Go here To download[/url] It’s free and safe. I like that you can browse with tabs… saves a lot of time and space.


Tell me Tim what is yahoo that what i have set as my default ??? i dont really go through explorier now this im kinda confused about :dunno :dunno


You use Yahoo as your home page, but Internet Explorer is the browser you use to view it. Once you download Firefox and install it, it will ask you if you want to set it as your default browser, click on yes. That’s all you need to know.


Systemworks does nothing to get rid of spyware/adware.


yea my cousin uses firefox on his computers at the state run hospital he works at. he does all the comp stuff there. my brother has it on his comp and its good, i didnt know that ie was what was letting it all in- thanks tim :banana


hrm…i wonder why you use 2003??? :smiley:


thanks alot… i just downloaded firefox and i have no popups, my homepage is not redirected, and it runs sooo much faster… thanks a bunch- i can guarantee that when i reach 15k tokenz tim’s name wont be changed :rock


Yeah, IE is a virus in itself. Won’t be long before FireFox gets hit too.


all you really have to do is be careful where you go, and what you do. i’ve been running with no antivirus software for over 4 months now, just so i could see how long before i get a virus. none so far. no spyware…nuthin. and its not like i don’t go anywheres on the interweb either. the only thing i really have is microsoft anti-spyware. and i use mozilla fire fox. great combo. download music and movies :cool but still nothin bad. maybe i’m just lucky.


your lucky… what do you use to download? i used to use eMule and the eDonkey network…


those two = teh bad. i only use ares lite 1.81, no probs or viruses yet. been using it for 6+ months…


you know though Blue since i had the boot re done on the new laptop i havent had any POP ups no adds are anything //////// But im kinda scared to try something new after i just had this one fixed :dunno :dunno