St. Patrick's Day


Anyone goin out and getting tanked?

I’m not cuase i don’t drink alcohol :dunno


well… no, but me and joes 5 year wedding anniversary is tommorrow. :slight_smile: I might have to get drunk tommorrow. :slight_smile:


get drunk tonight, lets the kids have a play date tommmorrow? :hump


not i… i have the duty blues today… i have the 2000-2400 watch… no drinking on St patty’s day for me… :fu i will have to make up for it tomorrow night…


i was planning on it, not now though (see my thread)


Corn Beef Brisket in the Crock Pot and Guiness in the frig. I can’t drink it warm, I’m sorry.

This double posting here and there bugs me, I can only be original once, I’m like a snow flake. prances away


shakes head at booze


looks like I might be in the hospital with austin tonight… He is still sick and is just getting worse… I really hope they admit him, he really needs an IV in his arm. He hasnt drank hardly anything in 3 days and has only went pee like 3 times in 3 days!!! Something is wrong.


Very sorry to hear about Austin V…I hope he geats well soon


thanks… I just have to wait for “tha man” joe to come home and we will head out. :slight_smile:


Your a good Mother. My Mom would have told me to crawl it off. :wtf


opps I have already started :lol


school = :gay


yessir, I am getting TRASHED tonight, it should be rediculously fun. No Guiness for me though, that stuff is NASTY :barf it’s all busch light tonight
forgot to add the… :booze


well… I took austin to the hospital, they gave him an IV for dehydration and he also has puenomia in his right lung. (I cant spell that word)

Happy st. Pattys day!!


hope he gets well fast. pneumonia (sp) is really hard on kids and elderly people. my grandma had it and it lasted for 3 weeks. shes doing better now though.


glad to hear she is getting better. Austin has it atleast once and year and he always gets admitted to the hospital because of his ashma. Ashma and Puenomia (sp) dont mix very well… :frowning: Anyways, I hope he gets better too, cause right now, I feel like shit and need someone to take care of me.