Stalin did nothing wrong, the kulaks deserved it, Stalin is daddy. Only the dirty bourgeoisie capitalists disapprove of stalin, but they support the dirty kulaks so they get the bullet too.


Are you baiting, or do you want a legitimate discussion about Stalinism?


im joking lol, kinda. idk i don’t like communism at all but if I had to choose a path ig it’d be stalinism. I’m just bored w/ america rn and want something different, and with a lotta people trying to jump on the socialist/communist bandwagon there’s no harm in trying to personally benefit from it lol.


I say jump on the anarcho-capitalist bandwagon. It seems like more fun.


True true, but like to me that seems like an oxymoron, because if you need corporations to run everything, than they’d have to work together to make sure they can get a profit, because, for example, the market would need roads to get their products to consumers. Also I don’t see how dispute resolution can be solved by the market, in stalinism there’s a strong state so. Yeah. I disapprove of anarchy in general also lol.


Anarchism disagrees with Stalinism and Leninism on the basis of the necessity of a vanguard party to manage working-class affairs as anarchists trust workers to be able to manage themselves.This is yet another reason why “Anarcho”-capitalism is an oxymoron,as well as the obvious fact that capitalism is a top-down,vertically-managed hierarchical form of organization whilst anarchism tends to favor horizontal,directly democratic organization.


Yeah and that’s pretty dumb though. Like I understand why people may want communal ownership of the means of production (though i disagree with it really) but a hierarchy is essentially inevitable unless you have like a group of 20 people. Someone is gonna see themselves as better and/or the people won’t be able to come to a decision on stuff. People also seem to think that anarchy is progressive, which is stupid to me. While there may be more progressive people, what happens when a bunch of traditionalists (or progressives) form a voluntary organization and start ridding people they disapprove of. “but wait, other people can just form another group and fight back.” Then we’d just have groups fighting each-other, forming coalitions, and yaddah yaddah. Anarchism will always lead to a state, and a state will always have to be revamped in order to be effective for the times.