Star Wars Prequels


What are everyone’s thoughts on the Star Wars prequels? I’m a huge fan of the film franchise and I’ve seen the debate surrounding them. Some have a problem with Christian Haydenson’s performance. Others say it was just due to a poor script for the character of Anakin. Personally, I enjoy the prequels and I can’t tell you how much I love the story surrounding Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.


I think anyone who likes the prequels needs to watch the RLM reviews of them and then reevaluate their lives.


What did you personally have a problem with?


Jar Jar. Excessive use of CGI making everything look fake, including the lazy corridor scenes where people are merely walking and talking. The protagonists’ (Anakin, Obi-Wan) lack of intelligence that stops them from discerning anything that’s going on even though it’s pretty clear that Palpatine is orchestrating everything. Yoda is also completely blind to what’s going on in spite of being the most sagely Jedi there is (going off of the OT Yoda, anyway). Far too much lightsaber usage, and every fight scene with them is highly choreographed which is not only boring to watch repeatedly, but contrary to the emotional side of the Force where duels are highly personal and emotionally charged—you can compare the final confrontation between Luke and Vader in Episode VI to any of the duels in the prequels for an example, especially the duel between Obi-Wan and Darth Maul after Qui-Gon is killed.
There’s plenty more, and lots of littler details too.


It would’ve been incredible had he been revealed to be the main villain behind the prequel trilogy. There was a fan theory with a lot of convincing arguments that Lucas intended this to be the case but gave in to people’s criticism and scrapped it.


All of Star Wars is pretty bad.

Star Trek is much better.


I know what theory you’re talking about and my god it would’ve mad the story so much more interesting.




> fucking 40k

nah i don’t think they’re comparable in that way
star wars is an intentionally pulpy sci-fa work while star trek has a totallky different aesthetic


I liked them because I was a child at the time.
Nastalgia I suppose.


Star Wars is p shit imo, with the exception of the music.
The sci-fi aesthetic they built the universe upon has aged horribly.


C’mon guys I thought EP III was kinda cool… besides all the Jedi dying…

And in any case they are infinitely better than the force awakens- with the exception of episode I, of which we shall not speak.