State Of The Union - Donald Trump



I have always found the USAs State of the Union very tiresome. The amount of standing ovations, in every one I have seen, is extreme (like after every sentence).

But this time around, many of the Democrats didn’t stand. They sat down, many of them in stony silence.
Here is a photo:

(Democrats on the left and Republicans on the right.)

This isn’t the most dramatic thing I have ever seen, not even during a State of the Union. During one of Barack Obamas State of the Unions, a Republican Senator shouted out “You lie”.

You would have thought that the Democrats could have done something more to challenge Trump. Why are they acting so spineless? Do they even care? Or was refusing to stand enough?


I don’t necessarily identify with a particular political party because I can’t really justify that my values are strictly democrat or republican. But as someone who lives in US, I find Donald Trump…embarrassing. It’s not that I’m against all of his policies, but the many scandals around the president and his administration this past year has honestly tired me out. Trump’s demeanor has been distracting to say the least and it definitely takes away the focus that should be put on more on his policies and the directions he will take.

To answer your question, I think refusing to stand is plenty enough (although the democrats also took their stance by inviting a large number of victims of harassment and DACA recipients in the crowd). In general, there is no need for disrespect just because someone doesn’t share the same values as you. Especially with the recent chaos of democrats v. republicans especially around Trump, can you imagine all the uprise that would result from someone shouting offense during Trump’s speech? There has been a lot of dialogue shot back and forth between the two parties and I think during the State of the Union, it was almost better left unsaid. I see it as a classy move on democrats.