Stb install


next on things for me, includes an STB. question is,is that something that needs any special installation procedure (to make sure the car is lined up straight and stuff, like before you wouild weld on subframes) or could i just bolt it on meself…


ok, maybe i am loosing my mind or its toooooo early in the morning but what the world is an STB? :dunno


yea I said the same thingy, then I saw he said subframes. umm, dood don’t bolt them in you might as well not have them at all… weld or nothing. Even if their the bolt-on kind you can still weld them. take it to a shop if you have to its not expensive work.


damn im sory, when i said stb i meant “strut tower brace”…

what i was trying to ask (but i guess not so clearly) was that when instaling a Strut brace, does the car need to be lined up specially or anything, as when doing subframes - or can i just bolt it on.

sorry for the miscommunication


bolt it on with the suspension loaded, as in on the ground and not jacked up by the frame… better yet bolt it on with someone sitting in the drivers seat.


ok cool - thanks, now that i know, might i ask why ? what effect does loading the suspension have on that sort of thing

(and while im asking, is the same for subframes?)


subframes, you want to weld them on the same way,under load… you don’t need anyone sitting in the driver seat for that though… my shop uses a roll on lift for all subframe welding…


well I should add, you dont have to have any weight in the seat for anything, but for suspension related stuff its a good idea to tighten everything down at the same load there would be on the road… Im sure you wouldnt notice a difference but that doesnt mean it wouldnt help handling to some degree.


Completely agree. That’s how I dod my stb.


one more question to bring back this thread…

the strut brace came friday, but i noticed one thing - it says on the paper that came with it from steeda “…-03 GTs”…

when i ordered it said it fit on v6’s too.

its this piece here

will it be a problem?



it should fit, steeda shows many part numbers for the same item fitting different years… I’d think the only difference is teh clearance they give for intakes/engines cause the chassis are the same


thats what i was concerned about - is there a clearance difference betwen the gt hood and the 2003 v6 hood?


no… hoods are the same, except gt has a scoop (non-functional of course) that is bolted on the v6 hood. it gives extra clearance for additional mods you may consider doing