**steelers fans** in here


just wanted to see how deep we rolled in here. can’t wait to see what Ward, Wilson, and the new rookie do this season with the passing game. seeing as we don’t have plax anymore, maybe someone can actually catch the ball now.


I’m a Jags fan, but I gotta say that game last year was the best of the season in the entire NFL…damn rookie kickers who wanna miss 60 yard game-winners by an inch or two to the left…


you are damn right about that… i was loosing my mind watching that game. by the third quarter, i was asking to bite other peoples finger nails(not really). thats how nervous i was…

there were only two games that made me real nervous last season. the one against you guys and the one against the jets. both games gave me mild heart attacks…


lol man. the jags had plenty of crazy games last year! i was about ready for a mental breakdown by the end of last season. i love playin you guys, its always a hell of a game.


Steelers :barf