Stopping by



Hey, Just stopping by to say Hi, Haven’t been on in a couple years. Lurking around to see who I remember and etc. Miss the old days of YD. 2014-2016 era. if anyone remembers me. stop by and reply to this and say hi!


Hey, its pretty slow around here at the moment.

I think I must have joined just after you left.

@Goon_mog may know more.


Yea. I might know him but he’s changed his username so I have no idea :joy:


Yes, he used to be called retracted.

And I know he is likely still in contact with people such as StrangeSignal, BingoBongoLand, Lake and Underscore.


I know bingobongoland, strangesignal, and lake tho. I am actually the one that introduced strangesignal to the site lol


Oh thats cool. I expect Goon Mog will be along at some point but it could be quite a while until he drops in.

I wont list all the names I know here as I would hate to accidentally leave someone out. I’m sure you will see for yourself once Goon gets here.


This site would of lasted longer if it never was bought out


@Alex it might be a bad idea to call me “nat lib” , i havent been called that in close to 3 years now, when ive been a communist for this amount of time.

@RedDragon81 i dont remember you, tbh. But if you are around lemme know


I have edited my post accordingly.


Yea. I approximately stopped being incredibly active on the site around like sometime during the first months of 2016 or so


Also, when I was active on the site in 2014, my user name was Logan Linseisen. That what a lot of the old members know me as


Been a long time! Anyone still about from 2015-16 times?

Had Darwin as my PP


Zekaghaj, I used to comment to YouthDebates back in 2015-16, but only once in a while.