Store ideas


Any ideas on what yall want us to put in the store? We are already working on the shirt idea… as well as a few other odds and ends… SOO, what else can we do ? These things are what you would trade your tokens in on.


caps, car logos, mugs, koozies(sp?), pens,

cant think of no more :dunno


t-shirt (definitely t-shirt) and some odds and ends for sure. im sure with the great, creative members’ mids we can think of something


How many tokies for a BJ :smiley:


I think I already read window stickaz. Hows aboot some or license plate frames or false license plates. You know, like the ones they put on the cars at the dealership or in the magazine shoots like Car Craft or 5.0 of MM&FF. You know whats I means? :dunno


id put that on for a show :smiley:


You could do-
Car Decals
Coffee Mugs
Air Fresheners (Rear View Mirrors)
Mouse Pads

I’ll have more ideas sooner or later.


Re: RE: Store ideas

[quote=Viper-GTS]You could do-
Car Decals
Coffee Mugs
Air Fresheners (Rear View Mirrors)
Mouse Pads

I’ll have more ideas sooner or later.[/quote]

no matter how cool, i would never put one in my car




because im too cool for gay air fresheners, and i smell good and dont smoke. i dont need one. not my style


lol… your too cool to smell good! lol


no, i do smell good lol. i am a neat and clean guy- that is fo sho my negro


But what if you have someone riding w/ ya and they smoke? Ya might need one of those air freshners or some spray then. Because I cant stand it when someone smokes in my car, but I just dont have the heart to tell them no.


Re: RE: Store ideas

One time my friend tried to smoke in my car, and i dead stopped on a 55 mph road and told him to put it out lol


I can imagine your friends head hitting the window as you scretch to a stop. lol


yea, no smoking in my car. hell- i try not to have sex in my car, but you know… i take things as they come :cool


Re: RE: Store ideas

thats gross :barf


Ok, I composed a long listed of Store Ideas-
Mouse Pads
Air Freshners
Coffee Mugs
Stretchy Book Covers (For younger schooled members)
Can Koozies
Bottle Koozies
Arm Bands (Sweat band style)
Stretch Rubber Bracelets (Cancer kind lol, but with on it)
Car Decals
License Plate Frames
Hats (Caps and Visors)
DVDs With Member Racing Footage
Pillow Cases
Bed Spreads
Shoe Laces (With on them)
Long-Sleeved Shirts
Signs (Kind you lick and stick to windows/car windows)
Pads Of Paper ( in the background)
Static Clingers (Stick them on windows and crap and they stick)
Mechanic’s Gloves
Spiral Notebooks
OffTopicz Line Of Tools
Flask Holders or W/E
Cell-Phone cases/holsters
Cell-Phone Face Plates (For Cells with interchangable face plates)
Temporary Tattoos

Thats all for now that I can think of.


shoelaces? just for kicks, who would buy an offtopicz pair of shoelaces? i wouldnt even buy MM shoelaces. the most abstract as i would go is a MM t shirt or an MM trucker hat.

not to bash OT, but MM is a little less geeky to wear IMO


Well I figured, you go to the mall and go to Hot Topic (Anyone been to HT?) and they have, like Shoelaces that say “Don’t Do Drugs” or band names and crap. So why not OT ones? Lol.