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Time for another story!!!
“Recreational Hazards”

**Disclaimer: Kids, DON’T try this at home! **

So the last few weekends I’ve been spending a lot of time with CD and her family (the congressman from my last story). Her parents love me, and she only wants me for two reasons:

1.The dick, and 2. the dick, which works out well for me. This happened a couple of weekends ago, when CD called me up on a Saturday night, wanting to go out while her folks were out of town. I asked her what she had in mind, and she got a bit hesitant on the other end.

“Well Ted, I don’t know if you’re really into this sort of thing, but it’s a Goth club…”

Before she could finish her thought I’d run to my closet and started digging around for something suitable to wear, as well as busting out the handcuffs and cat- o’ nine tails, for a bit later in the night.

I picked her up after I got changed and we headed to the club, which was one of the biggest I’ve ever been to. We’d just walked through the door when we both saw her and simultaneously let out a long, loud,

She was dancing in a cage suspended above the dance floor, and couldn’t have been an inch over 5 feet tall. Her plaid skirt barely covered her crotch and went nicely with her thigh- high fuck- me boots and skintight black fishnet top that was straining to hold back her beautiful D-cup tits. Her long red hair hung almost down to her ass and was split into a pair of pigtails on either side of her head. She had that innocent- looking girl next door face, but there was something in her eyes that hinted at the diabolical side she was showing by the way she moved. CD looked at her, looked back at me, then with a smile and a kiss on the cheek, headed for the cage.

“I’ll be right back, babe.”

The next thing I knew, she was dancing in the cage with this Gothic Schoolgirl beauty (GS for now), and as they got more into the dancing, they started playing with each other, then full-on making out. Realizing what could possibly be happening here, I sat back to watch and finish my drink. Heads started turning to watch these two beautiful girls dry- humping each other in a cage suspended 10 feet over their heads, while I silently prayed that my dream would come true.

CD came back over to me about half an hour later, GS in tow, and introduced us. GS flashed me a dazzling smile and remarked on what a hot couple CD and I made. As if in reply CD looked at me hopefully and batted her eyes at me.

“Can I keep her?”

Oooooh…what guy would be able to say no to that?

“Well if you want to let your friend spend the night, it’s ok with me, but you might want to check with her parents first.”

The girls giggled, and started making out again.

Fast forward 2 hours to when I get them both back to my apartment, and we all get down to the dirty business at hand. I’d just bought a new set of handcuffs the day before (mine got broken- another story for another time), but CD and GS couldn’t cuff me to the headboard fast enough, tossing the key in easy reach on the nightstand next to my bed.

Within seconds, the girls had undressed each other, and were taking turns pretending my dick was a lollypop before turning their attention back to each other.

Finally, GS climbed on top of my dick and rode me so violently that I was afraid the neighbors were going to wake up and call the cops from the sounds of the headboard hitting the wall. The little girl had the whole bed shaking, and CD was licking on her cooch while this was going on. We did that for a while, then CD got on top of me and started riding me reverse- cowgirl style while she bent over forward to properly service GS at the same time.

We kept up with that for a while, and I was on the verge of busting when suddenly CD jerked and stopped. GS looked down at her for a moment, then got this panicked look on her face.
“What?!” I asked, getting annoyed that I was so close to finishing and they’d stopped. GS looked at me, looking scared.
“She’s…stuck!” Apparently the ball on CD’s tongue stud was just big enough to fit through the ring through GS’s clit, and she’d gotten it caught while licking GS’s pussy.
“Don’t worry, calm down…I can take care of this…Just let me get out of these handcuffs, and…FUCK!”
Looking over at the nightstand, the keys were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, during the violent fucking I’d gotten from GS, the bed had knocked into the nightstand and the keys had fallen somewhere on the floor, out of reach of all of us. (Note to self: Get a lower bed next time.) A search of almost an hour turned up nothing.

Immediately, my mind flooded with all kinds of possibilities for just how bad this could be, as CD started crying, and GS started saying they should scream for help, or try to call the police, if I could reach the phone on the nightstand. Of course, this brought to mind more images of made- for- TV movies, clips on the 5:00 news, and trying to explain to CD’s father why he shouldn’t dismember me. Needless to say, I was getting a little bit scared.

It took another hour, but I finally managed to calm the girls down enough for GS and CD to free themselves, then they started hunting for the handcuff keys all over the floor of my room. Nowhere to be found. It was now 4 in the morning, and I silently began wondering if there were any 24 hour locksmiths in the San Diego area that wouldn’t ask too many questions if we called them. At this point, there was a knock on the apartment door.

My roommate answered, and knocking on my door told me that it was my neighbor, wanting to know if everything was allright. Luckily, my neighbor is a contractor, so I told my roommate to ask Trevor if he had any tools that could cut a set of handcuffs, and if so, could he come give me a hand?

I could hear my roommate snickering, then he said he’d be right back. A few minutes later, he was back.

“Um…Ted? You OK in there?”

“Uh, yeah…just give me a minute.” The girls grabbed whatever they could find to cover up with, and tossed a sheet over me as they unlocked the door to let Trevor in to try and free me. He walked in, took one look at the scene in front of him- two girls huddled in the corner wearing bathrobes, while I was handcuffed to the bed with only a sheet over me- and without a word, produced a set of bolt cutters that quickly freed me. I thanked him, and shooting me a significant look, said that it was nothing, then left.

Needless to say, after that, we all just fell asleep together in my bed, but happily we finished what we started the next morning. I took the girls home, and since then, I can’t look Trevor in the eye when I talk to him anymore. I’m not sure if he’s told any of my other neighbors or not, but I did find a new set of handcuffs on my front door a few days later.

Moral of the story: handcuffs can be hazardous to your health.

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Moral of the story: handcuffs can be hazardous to your health.

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I can say that, that has never happen to me. I wish it would.


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That story was about Stangman. He is the man.


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