Street racing a riced out Dodge


I was a bad boy and lightly raced a riced out dodge. I was in my slow ass Xterra and I still beat him. He was in a Dodge that was like a neon, but it was not. It came out stock as a ricer. In the 1/4 I could beat him, but I am know he could go faster the me on the top end. Yes, I was street racing, but I shut it down at 65. I did not burn rubber or do anything that was really all that bad. I just wanted to see how fast it was and it was not fast.


lol… Glad for the last part :slight_smile: I dont want to see any of yall die from street racing… Always good to shut it down at 60 :slight_smile:


I shut it down at 65 :banana


Re: RE: Street racing a riced out Dodge.

round here, you better shut down at 40, cuz the speed lims 45, and the extra gas has to get through the enine :)…