Yesterday at work, I had such a stressful day at work, that I wanted to scream (and did)… This deputy was such an asshole to me and the sad thing is, I couldnt say shit to him. Normally, Ill tell my guys how I feel… But this particular one is always an ass to everyone… NOONE likes him. He got me so pissed off that when I got home, I HAD to go run/jog to relieve some of the tension that I had built up from him. Now today, my shoulder and neck is killing me because its so tense. (not sure how to relieve it) Im sitting at work and the ASSHOLE has already snapped at me once… Im so ready to choke his ass out. He better hope I dont see him. How come I cant let this shit roll off my back? Why do I have to care so much?

Because you’re a nice person.

I really need to have thick skin working in my job though. :frowning:

but you are doing the right thing by working out though…me and the wife just did some exercising and the stress from the past week didn’t melt away…but it made for a better morning!

But its like, as soon as I come back to work… Its all there again. Honestly Im starting to hate my job because of this one person… and I LOVE my job!

Karma will bite that person in the arse.

well…maybe…(i have done this and it helps me) try writing a letter that never gets sent…once its out there…only for your eyes

Stress is self-inflicted. Destress by exercising regularly and practice good time management

My job is HIGHLY stressful. I have to handle everyone’s emergencies and help my deputies… I gotta make sure that my deputies are safe and make sure citizens get the medical/fire/police help they need and quickly. Its not self induced. Its my job. If I didnt have some stress, I wouldnt be doing my job right and protecting my guys

I certainly hope the pain goes away. Stress does do that at times.

I agree with writting the things that are bugging you down in the form of a letter as if you were going to send it, but then don’t send it. Its just a way to vent. And good idea on going for the jog that’s another good way. The only thing I do when I’m tense is get some ibuprofen and work through the pain by rotating my neck and shoulders.

It can be stressful but bear in mind health is wealth

If it was me I wouldnt take it from him But thats me bight your tounge and ignore him or say would you stop snapping at me its really getting to you and so on

if he’s like it with everyone can you all complain to his superiors as a group?..if that fails let nat get at him

I cant get rude with him… I could lose my job if I do that.

The superiors know and I dont know how many times I have had him written up for his behavior… He just wont stop. :frowning:

Well just ask if there is anything wrong with him aka you have been in a difforent mood and snapping a lot or sumit like that just just say instead of snapping you can talk to me lol

[quote=“vshayes, post: 1085717”]I cant get rude with him… I could lose my job if I do that.

The superiors know and I dont know how many times I have had him written up for his behavior… He just wont stop. :([/quote]

The honey can pour out of your mouth on the outside, then on the inside just make fun of him and feel free to be as much of a jerk as you want to be.

sarcasm often works…just tell him to have a nice day

Actually I have a funny story though. My boss was in a really bad mood one day. Yelling at me all day. I mean I usually fight back but that day I was so frustrated. So rather than fight with him anymore what I did was when he went to the refrigerator to get a bagel I let out a silent but deadly walking by him. Then I hear him go OMG This cream cheese smells like socks! and he threw it out. I almost wet my pants. Told my parents the story they were laughing.

My Dad used to do that when he was a teacher. When there was a student that gave him a hard time he’d find them in the hallway and let out an SBD right next to him and walk quickly away.

Have you considered having a private conversation with the Deputy, explaining to him how his behavior effects your psyche? I’d put it to him nicely, asking him to just take a look at the situation. He’ll gain respect from all of his co-workers if he treats them like he’d like to be treated.

People who act like this Deputy, usually have self worth problems.

He acts like he is better than everyone else… and is just a pain in the ass. He never takes his own calls… he is only worried about pullovers … its just crazy… Ive joked with him before telling him to cheer up, etc… never works… urg