Stuck open throttle?


hey yeah, quick little question - last night i was driving (with other people in car so it was a little embarassing - ) but as im coming up to red light with other people in front of me , i relized i wasnt slowing down…i thuoght it was the brakes at first, but either way i had to run the red and swerve onto a sidestreet (thankfullly this was a wide two way street so i was able to do this…)

anyway, it turned out my throttle was stuck open (seemed like wot…) so i had to put it in neutral to stop it, and turn the car off. then i restyarted the car and it was still stuck (this happaned like 2 or 3 times) and then finally i heard a little click from behind the dash or somethng (not sure exactly where) and then it was fine. i assume the connectrion between the pedal and the throttle was stuck - is t his s serious problem or no…? and how big of a a deal is it to look at have fixed if it is?


well first you might actually want to manually play with the throttle cable by your throttle body, and see if it feels like there is any resistance. If there is you might be able to spray some wd 40 on it or something to get it lubricated. If its not that then you may want to have it checked out by a specialist.


it happend to me once also. I went WOT and i went to slow down and it was stuck @ WOT, kinda scary because i didn’t know what happend, i just killed the car and pulled off the side of the road and flipped the butter fly valve with my fingers. It hasn’t done it since, but im always a little leary to mat it now


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whats the butterfly valve?


The thing in the middle that closes and opens is a butterfly valve. It’s usually just a thin piece of metal that blocks something when closed and then releases when opened.


ie, the throttle body is essentially a butterfly valve


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oh i see, so how would i get to the valve in case i ever need to fix it when im driving? i dont know where it is in the engine


well, you can just flip the valve mechanically with your hand, there is a little lever where the throtal linkage hooks up to it, here’s a picture


brake parts cleaner… works good against carbon deposits which locked up my iac (idle air control) valve… spray that bad bear down and move the components, then spray some more, and some more, and some more, then let dry for a little bit, spray some more, dry some more, then put it back on, then fire her up in neutral, and if its stuck open, it will rev up and stay revved up…

if its not stuck open, it will idle… :dunno


yea thats what i was talking about in my first post


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[quote=OUZBnd]well, you can just flip the valve mechanically with your hand, there is a little lever where the throtal linkage hooks up to it, here’s a picture


is that where it is on the v6 as well?


yes look for the metal part right after the intake tube, and there should be that metal hinge type thing, so go give it a flick and see what happens. you can do this while the engine is running.


thanks for the info. i checked it out, can you guys just lemme know if im looking at the right thing? my engine looks a bit than that pic.

here are some pics:
overall view:
is that black thing that the metal cable goes onto what i would turn?

closer up of what i think is the throttle cable:

and one more - you see that gray connector thingy, thats not conected to anything? is that my cruise control or something? cuz it looks like its broke (irellevant, i dont use it, but im curious)


looks like thats it to me. Good way to check, start the car up and toggel that switch a little with your hand, if it revs up, then you are in luck


thanks, yeah i actualy did try that after i made that post.
it does rev it, so i know thats the right part. but what about that gray thing i asked about? anyone know what that is? if its just cruiwse control i dont care but if its something imporrttant i do… :smiley:


i cant really tell from the picture, but it looks like some sort of throttle limiter. Does it move also when you move the valve? Does it limit at all?


Hey Arti, have someone push on the accelerator pedal while you watch it move on the throttle body. It almost looks like your strut tower brace is coming in contact with it and also could be pushing down on the cable on the drivers side of the brace. Also move the car side to side and bounce it up and down in the front. Remember, your engine is stationary, where as your body rolls and dips. The STB is attached to the body.


You could try taking the strut brace off and driving it around. If it doesn’t stick, that’s your problem.


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im at work now butill check taht out later today at home - as long as it doesnt hit the trottle cable and the connection to the TB, im happy, since i dont care about the cruise cable (if thats what it is) anyhow. but i will check it out.

PS. how useful (and expensive) for me would a new throttle body be if it happened again? (ideally id have it fixed, but for the money they would charge? id rather buy a new one and learn to put it in myself.)


A TB is very easy to remove and install.

Back to your prob. You said your not worried about the cruise cable. You should be because it also can cause your TB to stick open. Also remember that things move under driving conditions, so the STB could be coming in contact with the TB cable and the shaft.