Stupid job


Ok, I work at Braums. A hamburger/Ice cream place. The manager there is such a bitch alot of the times, and I wanted to share some heartwarming moments. Actually I want to gripe. Ok, I have only been working there since late January ok. Most of the ppl who are already working there had goofy stuff on their nametags. This guy named scott had one that said scoot, for example. Well about a month after working I lost my nametag and asked if I could make a new one, she said ok. I said can I put my last name on it, she goes “NO ppl know who you are don’t worry”…I was like ok…(alot of ppl have their last names, this girl named sarah has a nametag that says “bo”. Wtf?

That pissed me off. We aren’t supposed to have cell phones while we are working.I have seen numerous employees with their cell phones out while they are on break, and they do not get in trouble. So I figured it is ok if you are on break. I am talking to my g/f sitting in this booth and the bitchy manager walks out there, in front of everyone and chews my ass so bad, in front of all the employees AND customers. Anyone can have a cell phone in there when they arent working, and when you are on break it’s like your not working. You can leave the place and do whatever the hell you want. Once again, wtf??? :wtf The customers won’t gripe at me if I’m on break.

I’m not allowed to put my hands in my pockets. Why? I don’t know. I get griped at so bad if I stick my hands in my pockets. Being back in the freezer w/o gloves your hands get cold…Grrr…

Today when I was about to go on break, she goes “when are you supposed to be back” I said I will look and be back 30 min. after I clock out. She goes “do it now so I can see when you have to be back, if you are a second late you will never leave the parking lot again on break”. I’ll have you know I was late the second day I ever worked by 1 minute cuz I took a leak.

Right after I clock out, I go to take a leak. When I come back, there are no customers, so I go to the register. The chick is talking to some other guy that works there for the first 2-3 minutes, then shes like how can I help u. Right as I start to order, the manager comes over “YOUR STILL IN LINE?? CUSTOMERS ARE COMING HURRY”. :tard I was like ok…GRRR. SO I am filling out my charge card to pay for it, and the retarded girl messes up the order, so I am still there 30 seconds later. Manager walks back by and chews me out…

After I order my food, I am standing back waiting for it, the manager walks over and goes “what are you doing”. I said “waiting for my food”. She said see that booth over there, go sit in it. We don’t need you standing around, especially in that uniform. Go sit till they call your order. :dunno Right as I sit this dude is like “heres your food man”. I had just sat…

When I was new, I was walking to the door leaving work and this girl starts going “OMG WATCH OUT FOR THE PINK SQUARES OR U WILL BE THE ONE REMOPPING THEM” I got so pissed…The manager lets this dumb bitch talk to me like that alot too. Shes a phillipino manly-ass chick.

Theres all kinds of little things like this every workday, and it’s getting on my nerves. I had to gripe, I’m off my rant now :fu

Does she sound bitchy to you guys? I understand she has a job to do, but I am a hard worker and do everything I am supposed to, but she is mean! :dunno Anyone else have any expiriences like this?


BITCH… heres my take on it

if you arent on the clock, you can do whatever the hell you want. i work at a grocery store and when im on break, i take off ym apron. i went to mcdonalds and had my apron in my hand and a bag and drink in the other and a customer Told me to take their cart back in. i kindly replied, “Im not on the clock”. then the customer said, “what is your name, i want to speak with your manager” so i said, “My name is Chris, and i have 4 separate department managers… their names are… if you would like, you could follow me in and i will point them out to you. again ma’am, i am on break, so im not at work, so i decline to work for you without pay.”

my manager was nice to the customer and explained how i was right and how if i got hurt bringing in a cart while off the clock, the company would have been liable and could have been sued by me.

if you are off the clock, fuck the managers, fuck the customers, and most of all, fuck working or obeying anybody!!!


maybe she’s got soemthing against you… or she’s secretly in love with you :humpnana


Maybe she hates your stinking guts and thinks your gay. :think





quit that job…wait til it’s really busy …and turn to her and say have a nice day…punch out and leave…she’ll be sooo pissed


WRAHHHHH. Just got back from work. I don’t want to have to serenade you with my tales of grief, but I have to vent. I think tonight has been the worst…

I go to work, everything is fine. I do my job, just like I’m supposed to. I am the hardest working person there. I am the only one that doesn’t stand around and gab to ppl nonstop. I have been making burgers up until just last week, now I’m working register in the grocery part. It’s a one person job. Help the customers, constantly stock milk, meat, ice cream, etc. etc. Not easy. Since I am relatively new to the register, I ask the manager a question every now and then. Today she got angrier every time. GO ASK BECKI NEXT TIME I’M TAKING INVENTORY. I asked like 1 question per hour at the most…I wasn’t born knowing how to do this job…

We close at 10:30, it was about 9:30 and I hadn’t had a break. I asked the assistant manager if I was going to get a break, and she started laughing and she said oh ok, go clean tables and then take a break. She had forgotten. Good thing I asked…

I get back from break at 10, and the manager says go stock ice cream. When we stock ice cream we put the ice cream in a shopping cart, and bring it to the front. We have to bring the ice cream out in sleeves of 3. 3 half gallons are in ech cardboard sleeve. The freezer they are kept in is sooo cold. Most people are offered a jacket (new one) and gloves to wear when working in the freezer, I don’t have either. I get my ice cream in my shopping cart, when I am coming from the back the manager goes “EH EH EH WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON’T ROLL THAT SHOPPING CART ACROSS THE FLOOR WHERE SARAH HAS MOPPED OR U WILL BE REMOPPING IT. PARK THAT THING AND CARRY THE ICE CREAM!” I was like ok…So when I finally get done caryying tons and tons of ice cream from the back to the front I could cwear I have frost bite cuz my hands hurt so bad…

There is a sheet of paper with each employee, and next to their name it tells what they have to do for closing the store. I was on bathroom tonight. At 10:20 I went and cleaned the bathroom. I went and told the assistant manager that I was done. I had done my job all day, i did everything I was supposed to. I was supposed to be able to go home. SHe goes “hmm, what can you do…How about you go pull trash”…I said ok…This girl named Kristen was marked down to pull trash tonight, it’s her job, yet I was stuck doing it. I walk to the back and all the trash cans are full. Great, I can carry the nastyass sacks with my hands. I get bags and go to the front to start. As I am doing the first one (which was beside the manager who was sitting on her ass) the manager goes “why dont you have a trash can”? I said they are all full". She says “theres none that you can stack other sacks on top of”? “No”. She says “well let me tell you something, if one of those bags ever breaks when you are carrying it you are going to be here mopping and sweeping all night”. I said “ok, well I wasn’t even supposed to be on trash tonight”. She goes “WHAT”? I repeated myself. She says "don’t ever let me hear you say that again, theres no’I’ in team. I said ok…(why wasn’t the rest of the “team” doing they’re parts???)

So after I do that girls job, I walk over to becki (assistant manager) and say that I did it. She says “go mop up the bathroom good”. I get this girls mop bucket who is assigned to sweep and mop floors for closing, and go mop up the bathroom. On the way back, the manager goes mop up this whole area. I did, then she says mop up everything else (SOMEONE ELSE IS ON FLOORS DAMNIT WHY AM I DOING THIS…). So I start mopping as she watches, probably getting pleasure out of it, and she starts to tell me how I’m not mopping right. As she gripes and me she comes out and gives me a tutorial on the “right” way to mop. As she is lecturing me the girl who was supposed to be doing trash walked over and said “did you get that trash can”? I said “no”. It was a little one set away I couldn’t even see. She made a sound of disapproval like I should had done it, even though it was her job… When I finally get done mopping I am walking to go back behind the counter, the manager goes “STOP WALKING ACROSS WHERE YOU HAVE MOPPED”. It pissed me off, I said “I CANT FLOAT ACROSS THE FLOOR”… She said to “tippy toe” or w/e…Grrrr…

So I go to tell the assistant manager I am done, and she is talking to this girl for like 3 minutes before she agknowledges me… I said “I have mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom, shut off my area, and pulled trash”. She sat there about 30 seconds trying to think of something else for me to do, but she couldn’t. She said “I guess that’s all get out of here”. I gladly did. After the manager made me “tippy toe” to the door…

This was all in one damn night, I am pissed. This job is gay. I can’t just quit because I am working here to pay for my 05 sixbanger girlomatic ( I love my car, I really do)…Sorry about the length, had to tell the whole story…


dude if i were you. oh by the way let me tell you i am sorry. managers like that suck complete ass. but why dont you say anything to the associates that are fucking you over?? why does she pick on you, are you the newest? why is this job so special that you cant find another one?


Well everytime I try to say something, the manager is just like " I don’t wanna hear it". I told the manager I wasn’t supposed to be pulling trash. Her response “WHAT. DONT EVER SAY THAT AGAIN”. One say I showed up without my hat, my grandma hat thrown it in the washer earlier that day. I got there early so I could get another one. She griped at me and I tried to say that if my grandma throws my hat in the washer while I am asleep that there is nothing I can do about it…all she said was " I dont wanna hear your excuses".

I have been applying at other places, but it’s so hard to get a job outside of a food place when you are 17 around here.


damn, you cant speak with the owner?id just find things that annoy the hell out of her and do all of them. or you can take pride in your job, always work hard and ignore anything negative they have to say. i used to have to do that shit it sucks, but now i am teh boss :smiley: . but im leniant as hell. everyone loves working for me.


Well I do work hard. I do my job, and everyone elses. It’s not good enough. When alot pf ppl become manager, they think they are cool. They boss ppl around just cuz they can. Annoys the hell outta me…


yea i know, thats why i came into the position knowing i was gonna be different from every other manager, yet get the same respect.


LOL Wow, I’m going to have to start taking notes.

Now This guy knows how to gripe!! :lol :lol

PS: Sorry work sucks man. Get in school, and get your ass outa there.


I already am in school, but the idea of getting my ass out of there sounds so so good. Once I find a new job :banana


Good for you. If you’re really miserable at your current job, then definatley look for some different options. Just remember, no matter where you go, you’ll be back to square one, scrub status again. Don’t get your hopes up thinking you’ve found the end of the rainbow when you start the new place.

Just something I wish I had understood when I was a kid and switching jobs. Good luck to you!! :banana