Such a sad story


There has been a search all day in the town next to the one I live in for 2 little brothers. Ages 2 and 4. They were being baby sat today by an individual that the family knows at their house. The person taking care of them noticed around 3:45 that they were no where to be found. Around 8:00 after being searched all day by helicopters, ATVs, dogs, all kinds of people, they were both found dead in a pond that was near their house.
It brought tears to my eyes, I guess, because my kids are close to that age and I couldnt even begin to imagine going thru something like this.


Where??? I saw helocopters flying over Magnet Cove. I feel for their family.


i know how you feel, having 7 grand kids of my own.


That just happened last month south of here. Someone’s three year old wandered off and they found him drowned in a neighbors swimming pool.

I can only imagine the lawsuits that are pending with that one. Even though it’s the piece of lazy shit dad who’s at fault.


That’s so sad. There have been quite a few drownings in Cincinnati this year. A lot of them being kids in swimming pools. I would hope that parents would learn from this and keep a better eye on their kids, or take preventitive means to keep their pools safe. Our pool has a deck all around it (its above ground) and stairs that fold up and lock up. My dad built that when we were younger so nobody could fall in, or so the dogs wouldn’t go up and accidently fall in either.


That is so sad. I feel for their family. I pray it never happens to me or anyone else for that matter. :frowning:


:wtf I hate people