Suggestions For Youth Debates


So like, are we gonna keep the forum alive, or what, cuz I got a whole slew of topics ready to be pumped out


At this point where gonna have to build the place back up from scratch, we’ve lost so many people that the forum activity cannot actually be sustained without sourcing newbees. Sourcing newbees will be difficult without funding as Facebook and instagram fuck you over with views unless you pay (only 6% of the people who follow us on Facebook actually will see anything we post, they didn’t just like our page they FOLLOWED IT indicating they want to see more of it, Facebook basically changed how that worked by only seeing it if they make it so via notification )


So will we?


But I do think it might be worth trying to have a YD show on YouTube or as a podcast, it wouldn’t be difficult to set up and YouTube is far far less punishing for screwing with your views, it actually rewards “high quality” videos that maintain user attention. Biggest issue is mostly a time zone one, ie many folks here are from all over the place, so it limits our participants quite a bit


True, also, how often do people actually use the voice chat on the discord?


When people are on it quite a bit actually, for a while it was even semi daily , although we lost some of those regular talkers to time.


You should make posts aboat organized audio debates on the discord with like times and such


I dunno, I think we will try but I dunno if we will succeed, I don’t even think we should stay here but rather go on Reddit, where we have full control over the forum and it’s a more intuitive site, it’s also a lot easier to maintain anonymousity there which seems to be an issue for YD members


no idea. Just got back after a few months off and it just looks silent, with no atmosphere like when i joined.


Not really, it rewards channels that churn out videos everyday


Yeah, what is the dealio?


There are good ideas here that I hope we will eventually implement in the future.But as @Goon_mog said, we need to build back up almost from scratch.

The old moderation team are now no longer present here. I don’t know the details of what happened there but all I know is that I am here now. And I am going to do my best to bring new members and life to Youth Debates.

It is a testament to the potential of this forum that, even after everything that has happened, we still have a (admittedly small) community here. I intend to build on that.

A few days ago I started by deleting all the spam and banning the bots/spammers. I am still in the process of getting to grips with everything here but I am always happy to hear suggestions from YD members (I have changed the title of this thread and pinned it to reflect this).



Going off the idea that @Goon_mog had about a YD podcast, I was thinking it would maybe be a good idea to dip our toe in this idea and start a new Discord.

From there, once we have a few people joined up, we can start having debates/conversations in voice chat and maybe we could eventually organise to record a few of these and use the recordings to promote our fourm via social media.

Please follow the instant invite below to join:


End Times in this World

Hi Everyone, Matt here, from West Auckland, NZ. Just a quick comment. Does anyone know if we are living in these end times or the last days? I believe we are. I am a bible believing christian and are seeing more and more of God’s Word come to life. I have seen and heard our news here in NZ talk about “Climate Change”. No, I believe in the last 10 years or so, there have been more disasters, floodings,etc happening in recent times. I believe we are seeing God’s Word come into Life everyday and I believe the world need to know Jesus more than ever before.

What do others think? Does anyone think we are living in these last days and end times?



Hey Mattinblack :slight_smile:

Last days - rather not. In history so many people believed that the last days will happen, for example, the migration periode in the roman times, the black death, … , till 2012, where the world should end. Humanity learned of this situation (I hope so). But the climate change is a natrual phenomenon - we just make it happen faster.
Indeed, I can’t deny what will happen. Overpopulation, water/food shortage and the loos of living space could cause a war. I think that many people will die - if humanity won’t do a thing, but this is thanksfully not the matter. No other generation than generation Z think about the environment and the society gained credence to other looking people, other countries, other religions, other genders and so on. We even have an organisation, who is responsible for peace - the UN.
No, I don’t think that we are living in these last days - we are living in great, awesome, beautiful days. Humanity is learning slow, but it learns. What the world needs, are people, who believe in the future of this world and humanity - no matter if with the help of the bible, the quran or other religions.

We are after all humans - dreamers.:dizzy:

L.g. Wannabe





That is the comment of the month :joy:


Thank you tips hat


It would be nice were the forum layout not a total eyesore for those of us not on a phone, and if the admin would actually interact with the place. The old YD was much better. If it ever wanted to recover, it would need a total re-haul: new layout, new staff team, probably a purge of the mass of irrelevant threads added because Dylan wanted to make YD look bigger than what it was to sell.