Suggestions For Youth Debates


Dude I didn’t even know you were still here.


someone’s gotta keep the lights on!

yep still here, have had a crazy year but looking forward to reviving the community with everyone’s suggestions.


So like, are you fully committing yourself to this platform again?


Hey! You’re almost as illusive as a mod on r/Libertarian


Yeah, a video debate platform would be cool. Some people don’t care about time zones, their sleep schedules are already messed up as is lmao


i’d support a debate platform, how many people here have experience in running a channel?


Sleep? What the hell is that?


Well, I started getting emails again after a while on this topic, and I must admit, I have quit doing politics stuff like YD or URSAY for about a year. But I do have a few ideas to bring this website back to its former glory, or to redefine it all.

  1. I think Youth Debates, as a website, needs to stop being a forum, and instead make content again, like the cabinet does, and like what I did with URSAY.

  2. We don’t have a social media presence anymore. Bring it back. Im not saying make another YPD, but its been 3 years since I first became involved, and social media has changed so much to be content based. Forums like this are dead.

  3. I think the website needs a rebrand. A complete top to toe remake.