Sweet and sour soup

I went to this vietamese place for dinner and they had complimentary sweet and sour soup…now I’ve never been a huge fan but this was the best sweet and sour soup I’ve ever had I think…it was damn good…well I thought I would share that

Cool deal. Not a big fan of that stuff, but some places are better than others.

this place was pretty amazing

Where’s it at?

Free stuff always tastes better. Otherwise, I end up thinking “this doesn’t taste like $3.99 worth of soup.”

Speaking of asian soup…ohhh man…i LOOOVE Pho. It is te best ever. I like it with ribeye steak meat. omgggggg! creams panties

:o haha damn clare…

i told you it was great if it’s made right.:wink:

I love chinese buffet

its a place here in smd