That’s 1000 times the original bid. Someone’s gonna make some moolah off that.


nice but did you see the price…I don’t have 100000 to spend yet


well yeah it’s rare, but imo it is one of the worst looking corvettes ever (other than the late eighties early nineties models)


I’ve seen worse


at $100,100 and reserve still not met! one day or so left now…


That is a nice car, but there is no way I would spend that much money on it… even if I had the money. Ok, well maybe I would.


I think its pretty sweet! :slight_smile:


Well it would be alright for an investment but i’d rather buy a Viper with that kinda jing :gears


I’m with red on the viper thing


id offer 50 large for it, and thats just about it.

it has ben restored or in an accident, or so i think


They don’t even know if its original miles (it might be 140,000+)