Swiss Town Denies Passport to


A left wing, Dutch women.


She’s too annoying.

Fucking brilliant

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Why i love The swiss

fucking pathetic… that’s the only word I can use


The Swiss town or the woman?


Why is that pathetic?

In Switzerland, its the people who decide if someone should be naturalised or not. Not a government agency. It’s a canton vote.

Clearly, the Swiss people in that region think she’s a moron.


She is a moron she is pathetic as well… campaign against their tradition and reception seems to be bad… but the reason on “annoying” is also pathetic from there authorities… If she was not helping the economy etc then I could under stand rejection but campaigning is political freedom which I thought the Swiss allowed ?

@lordtutton answer your question ? ^^



Hence why she wasn’t deported, merely denied her citizenship application because she wasn’t Swiss enough.

Also the authorities have no say. The people vote whether someone should be made Swiss.


Ok but people in other countries who clearly don’t support the values of that country get allowed in… just seems bizzare if she is helping their economy and providing a benefit I can see no reason to say no personally… I’m sure there are Swiss who agree with her


What’s the point of the Swiss giving someone a passport to Switzerland if all they’ll do is try to make Switzerland less Swiss?


We give passports to millions of people in this country who want to change are values… guessing ur against that as well? Also I do agree with ur point here but I still think the situation is funny and pathetic


Very much so.

I think it’s funny, yes. But not pathetic, they did the right thing.


fair enough :slight_smile:


You can’t get much more fair than their immigration system.


Makes sense. If she is going to annoy them, they get their own back.


These guys are literally the closest nation to a nationalist liberterian one (much of the ideas that many of us are based on swiss political systems anyway)