Take a trip thru a Nuclear waste land


I dont know if any body has ever linked to this site and read her story.
It’s been out on the web for quite sometime but it is pretty cool to revisit since its still on the web.
It’s fantastic you will never get this kind of insight from any Govt. agency.



damn, interesting read… still reading


read it…very good…I’ve done a lot of readin on that place b4


Yeah, really good readin’s. I spent over an hour with my eyes stuck the monitor. I even sent the link to my diddy.

Very interesting stuff.

Makes me want to buy a crotch rocket.


I read that a long time ago. That is VERY interesting to say the least. She definitely researched that for a while.


i wonder how much radiation she took in just being there


I havent gone back over it to check if she has updated it.
As far as the Rad. doses, yea I was thinking thae same thing. How much can you take over time and still stay healthy. I think this article should be required reading for EVERYONE in the world. She is (I hope she still is around) one coureagus Girl.


yes awesome story, never had heard about it before, it should be in future history books.


does it get better after the first page?


Do you have it on tape I don’t feel like reading :dunno


that was a good read


Don’t make me have to read it