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Oh dear…I think we are screwed. I got 7/10

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i got 6/10

3 of 10

4/10 I did shitty


I got 3 right. i guess i need to watch that series!

yeah me too I heard it was pretty good

0 out of 10 but I’m probably am a lot greener than some people who got them all right. There’s a difference between knowing exactly how bad things are and giving a flying fuck!

4/10. And a lot of the ones I got right were just guesses! lol

We lost 50% of our forests? Thats disgusting.

I actually thought things were worse, I kept guessing higher than a lot of the answers!

Man, its only a matter of time before this entire planet becomes totally useless due to our habits as humans.


3/10 I suck