Why do we love takeaways? Do you? Why do takeaways taste so nice but are so fatty? Should the government be combatting them?

Poll: So, do you like takeaways?

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Fish and Chips


They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our doner kebabs!!!


Fish and chips, chinese and pizza hut are my three favourite takeaways.


Rarely do we get takeaways.

My dad occasionally likes a kebab and once or twice a month we’d order a pizza from an Italian restaurant late at evening/night, or dominos if its closed.

In terms of buying something on site and taking food away, no. The very very rare McDonalds happens, or mcdrive if it counts.

It’s interesting to note that the North is a much bigger revenue for takeaways than the South.

But I guess a takeaway is better than eating nothing at all, which is what happens here sometimes.


mfw without my city the South would spend like half as much as it does on take aways.


In my town, about 30% of businesses are probs takeaways


Can’t beat a good kebab.


Better than other cities I guess. A business is a business.

Look on the bright side, the worst you can be is full of charity shops and single-branch casinos or pawn shops. (Dumps like Portsmouth, Colchester and Norwich)

It’s probably closely correlated with stress and/or working hours.

My city is pretty diverse in businesses so it’s not that bad but there’s certainly quite a large choice of takeaway stuff.


My city is mostly takeaways, fast food & co-ops.


My village has literally 50+% businesses which are specialised in takeaways or gambling.


My town has about 6000 people, and somehow sustains 9 pubs and 13 takeaways of different kinds.


Pubs aren’t that bad really, depending on the clientele and the atmosphere I’d argue they add much more affluence to a place than they take away.

Some of the wealthiest areas of Britain are teeming with pubs.

Here’s a small countryside town 5 miles from me. There’s a pub right next to a Ferrari dealership.


Fair point.

The pubs here though… don’t attract the type of people you want in your town though.


Yes. British/Australian fish and chips is magnificent. In addition there’s an unbelievable Indian 10 minutes drive away from where I live.


Even nationalists can’t deny one good thing immigration brings:

curry&chinese etc!


The things i can get out of a jar imported from India? Like I don’t need Indian people to make it for me…


Don’t think I’ve ever met a nationalist who ate either. Never ate non-European food in my life unless it’s American junk food. Or Quebecois poutine.

Besides, most of our new immigrants are from Somalia, so talk about grain and insects and not chinese.


oh my god what a blessing yes