Taking down monuments?


i think we’ve had this same discussion, and i still don’t care
im not going to go back on what i believe because it hurts peoples feelings and they run to the nearest hugbox

you’re nitpicking about the connotations of words, im using the dictionary definition
im making an argument while you’re attempting an attack
i want to believe you can see the difference and you’re >merely pretending but its getting harder

On May 30, Henry gave his maiden speech in the assembly and defended his resolutions. He expanded the scope of his criticism to include not only Parliament, but the king as well. Speaking of George III, he stated that, “Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell and George the Third — .” At that point he was interrupted by cries of “Treason!” from delegates who easily recognized the reference to assassinated leaders. Henry paused briefly, then calmly finished his sentence: “…may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it.”

last time i checked, patrick henry wasn’t quite a ‘nobody.’

times change because people brought forward change because they believe it was right
these discussions were classroom settings with encouraged debate, they risked nothing but being proven wrong by speaking up

so you’re arguing for nothing, like you said i was?
and you say you aren’t projecting?

this one
im not going to plaster any joke i make with emojis or memes just so you don’t take it personally, so try to keep up


What else is new?

Idk man, seems like you are the upset one.


You’re not fooling anybody m88.


man if you actually went back and fully read my posts im anything but upset
but using harsh language doesn’t actually equate to anger
this is the internet, you know


I mean, I might have believed you, but your whole attitude towards us has been contemptuous and disrespectful. I would give you a legitimate and courteous debate but I just see nothing to gain from it. You could still prove me wrong.


"I’m going to pointlessly antagonize people like an angry child and then bitch about the shithead they vote into office as revenge"
I mean okay, you do you, if that’s what you consider a fun time then go ahead.

you’re interpreting an argument as an attack on yourself, then

A “monument”:

A “memorial”:

real big difference innit

“if this be treason, make the most of it” is the most celebratory language you could dig up? A hypothetical “if it’s treason”, followed by “make the most of it” (it being the implicitly shitty thing). You’re kidding, right?

uh huh, just being known as “the one guy who defended the confederacy”

I’m not arguing for what you claim that I am arguing.
I’ve laid out my argument, it’s fairly straightforward.
Either respond to it or stop wasting my time by running around in circles.

do you really expect anyone to believe that that half-joke embedded within your point somehow overrode the rest of your statements? Just fucking own up and move on from the poor point, god damn.


im hardly singling you out, and when you used a strawman meme made in ms paint i figured this wasn’t going to exactly formal in debate structure

if you want to elaborate on your view in depth, certainly


>sticking to what i believe in and whats right
>pointlessly antagonizing people
i mean, if that’s how you want to dumb down my beliefs, i can see why you always act to angry and irate

they’re literally two different words with two distinctly different definitions, and they are erected to serve two very different purposes
you never even touched the point im making, you’re just babbling

treason is not ‘implicitly shitty’ no matter how desperately you want it to be
its, in fact, the reason we’re a county
plus, the fuck does this have to do with anything you’re trying to prove

if you’re talking about your first post, sure
i would say people willing to succeed and go to war and possibly kill and die to keep the institution of slavery are quite a bit more racist than most in their time period

talking to yourself?


It’s the difference between “sticking to what you believe in and what’s right” in terms of actually wanting to actualize said beliefs in reality, where political outcomes affect real, living people, instead of simply wanting to spew said beliefs all over the internet so that everyone can hear you roar.

If they both look nearly identical, and they both functionally serve the same purposes (remembering X person, X event), then you trying to decide one is a “monument” whereas the other is a “memorial” just seems completely arbitrary.

It’s a minor tangent we’ve been on since you decided to defend the use of the word treason as somehow not an extremely derogatory term that a founding father most likely would have dueled you to the death over accusing him of.

And I still stand by that claim. At no point have I said that confederate monuments should remain up. I have simply laid out how the political costs of taking them down are probably higher than just leaving them up.

really clever and impressive comeback


Do you go through life intentionally being as ironic as possible or does it just come naturally?


one day you will successfully bait me. Today is not the day.


As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone is obsessed with your petty game of comebacks and baiting. But it’s no surprise, all you can do is play games when trying to defend a bunch of corrupt planter oligarchs who wanted the right to rape their slaves and sell their children into slavery.


now I’m the vile one?

better b8, still not good enough


i know it might be difficult for you to imagine but i don’t talk to people face to face the same way i speak on the internet
why should i try to convince contrarians like you of anything on here

quite a big difference between celebrating something and[ remembering something] (https://markmeynell.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/holocaust-memorial-from-above.png) as a misstep
didnt know i had to spell this out

primarily because it’s not derogatory, it’s dictionarial, and secondarily because i don’t see why it gets your panties in such a twist

boy howdy are you literally trying to speak for the founding fathers
always humble arent you

i have to agree, given i doubt there’s enough diehard neo-confeds with enough cash out there willing to buy them from the state
we done here?

much unlike yours


You can’t even come up with good gotchas. I talked on length about how I do exactly this earlier in the thread. Except that my behavior actually serves some purpose- yours is just weird, seemingly pointless self indulgence that results in emotional fuel for the far-right.

I have no idea what your point was here. These are two entirely different looking constructions.

  1. It’s extremely derogatory- hence people hurling accusations of “traitor” and “treason” at Patrick Henry.
  2. I’m pointing it out because it’s the most moronic thing you’ve said in this whole thread.

Yeah, I’m done. You’re irredeemably pathetic.
I’m sorry I wasted my time.


We’re done here.


that is the point.

i dunno i found worse

we know