Talk Darn It!

[SIZE=7]attention Otz Members[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]talk Darn It![/SIZE]

Hello my name is Nick, how are you doing today? Is that better :slight_smile:

So angry j/k

Hey Im Johnny, Im ok so far you?

Haha! very funny

Hi Im Audra, nice to meet you both :slight_smile:


[quote=“Johnny, post: 319888”][SIZE=7]attention Otz Members[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]talk Darn It![/SIZE][/quote]

mkay. Um, no.

lol you just did!

I didn’t say anything.

You did now

You did say…mkay Um. no…that’s actually three things you said :slight_smile:

He said talk, I typed that.

we have been just not in here

wanna talk dirty?

three pigs fell in the mud :smiley: :nanajig:

[quote=“pony girl 05, post: 319901”]wanna talk dirty?

three pigs fell in the mud :smiley: :nanajig:[/quote]

Are we talking about Joe, Aaron and Amy’s husband?

so ok whatever

Hi. There, I talked. AH! I did it again! And there! And there! And there!..

Hello, I’m Peter and I’m a postwhoraholic.

Everybody: “HI PETER”