Teh Concert


==== THE ROCKed!!!

I’ve never seen Collective soul in concert until last night, and DAMN they sound almost exactly like they do on their CDs. They played pretty much every song from their greatest hits album “Se7en Year Itch” along with a few of their new songs.

Oh and I got drunk. lol Only had 6 and a shot, ended up sleeping on my brothers futon after getting back at 1 am and getting up at 6:30.


remember millie vanillie yeah they sounded a lot like their album too…do u see where I’m going with this


Re: RE: Teh Concert

I wasn’t old enough for that, and they sounded like their album because it WAS their album playing (which was actually sung by middle age men).


my point exactly



Almost exactly means that they didn’t sound like the album, but sounded very good live. and having all their albums, I would know.



I’m just giving you shit…