Teh shell game


I was soooo totally kicking ass on the shell game , I had over $25,000,000 and still hadnt lost. I clicked on submit so I could collect my tropheh and mah tokens and got booted outta the room and lost mah score. http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/sauer/angry-smiley-055.gif How the hell are you supposed to submit youre score??? If you play untill you lose you just get a big fat 0. Im comfuzzed.http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/fragend/confused-smiley-016.gif


joo press submit :lol

Ive never had a prob with it


When I press submit, it tells me not to try to link directly to games and then it wipes me clean. :dunno


:dunno dern growing pains :tard I’ll look into it


it happened to me once, but that was yesterday. it has been fine since that one mishap.


I had the same crap happen when I won tetris… I lost my score too ;(

:fu bug


yeah, i had almost 200,000,000 and it happened to me… :frowning:

so i played again and had to settle for 130,000,000 since i didnt wanna click anymore to bet so much


Thats why I stopped. I didn’t feel like clicking anymore.


bwhahaha… shell = owned! ahahhahahha damn it took me like 10 minutes of just clicking the last time I clicked


yeah its a biyatch. but i got my trophy back…
was going for 400,000,000 but my hand hurt and i think people can hear me clicking… :smiley:


DAMNIT…I beat the top score too…my total score was 341,000,000 around there and i hit submit and it said the same thing…DMANIT!! i played that thing for like 1 hour haha WTF!


Glad to know Im not the only sucker who dont know how to use the submit button. :lol


damn when I played last night I was at like 100,000,000 and I was getting so tired of clicking, then it slipped and hit submit so it quit me out of the game! ahhhhhh all that clicking for nadda!