Tell us about your avy

why did you choose it? How often have you changed it since youve been on otz?

Ill go first… I chose mine because its me and I like to put a face to the name but Im sure it wont stay around long because I rarely keep one for more than a month.

I seem to be really good at annoying the fucking hell out of Veronica and Tim. So when I found this on Fusion-Central I saved it and had to make it my avy here.

only Veronica and Tim? lol :slight_smile:

Well, they’re the two admins. So yeah.

But anyway, it’s also about that paperclip guy who harasses you in microsoft word about anything misspelled.

because i’m a time traveling historian studying the blog era.

you guys really don’t wear red capes and goggles and blog from high-altitude balloons?

well its stewie and he’s like a national icon…he’s in a sailor uniform…I’m a sailor…it seemed like the right thing to do…oh yeah heather put him on a comment on my myspace page…thats where I found him and saved him

I chose it cuz its me…puts a face to the writing.
Its been my only avatar…who knows when I’ll get around to changing it.

Noam Chomsky. I like him for his political views.

My national flag, I like to be patriotic especially when surrounded by a bunch of Americans!:wink: Had a spiderman 3 one before that because of my user name, before that I had a red back spider but some members are scared of spiders and didn’t like it so I changed it once I saw something else I really like.

It’s me on the left, and then one of my best friend’s head on the right. Face to a name is good.

Well Stevie Ray Vaughan is my favorite musician, so I decided to make him my avy pic.

It came with the forum when I logged on…

the Kool-Aid man!! i chose him because well…hes cool as hell and kool-aid is good stuff. lol

i change whenever. i really have no set time frame when i change them.

just one of my favorite guns that i own

Well, I don’t think I’ve changed my Avatar since I joined, but I’ll probably change it soon, just to get some variety going.

But its a picture of my wonderful girlfriend and myself. Its essentially the portrait of the “Imperial Couple” (as I’m the Emperor and all. Haha?) :tongue:

It was taken last year, when things between us were a lot more serious than they are now. Lately we can’t a picture together without acting stupid :smiley:


Just one Of the Many pics I have and Love…lol I dont know, I cant just feel myself in the Pic… I can feel the emotions of it

And hell we all Know I change all the time, just depends on how I am feeling, My avy’s tend to relate to my feelings.

mine is a sign I saw while driving through a town bout an hour away from here and I had to stop and take a pic. I change it randomly whenever I get a wild hair up my ass.

my avatar is self explantory…

Veronica from the archie comics because I was named after her…

Boss… because that is what I am. :slight_smile:

Since I’m a photographer…mine is fitting I guess.

Doh! Do I really need to give an explanation? Look at that ass.